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  1. DisneyWeather!

    Driving from Northeast on Good Friday?

    Hi all. I am sure many of you have driven to WDW from the Northeast on Good Friday in the past. We will probably leave northwestern New Jersey in the mid to late afternoon. I am fearful of hitting traffic on Rt 95 around DC. I am looking for some insite on the typical traffic areas on Good...
  2. DisneyWeather!

    Resort Movie Schedules

    Does anyone know when the Resort movie schedules will be available and where to find them on-line?
  3. DisneyWeather!

    Easter Day Activities at Resorts

    Does anyone have any knowledge of what, if any, special activities that will take place at any of the resorts? We will be at POR on Easter Day with 3 kids and would love to know ahead of time what we might be able to plan.
  4. DisneyWeather!

    Pin Codes

    Well, the often stated plan worked (kind of). The request for the DVD and the saving of a couple vacation prices got me a Pin Code, but as I have predicted above, the dates available were not meshing with my available dates. The dates in your pin code would work for me though. Now I have...
  5. DisneyWeather!

    Beach Club Bound!!

    I too love the pool. The best waterside I have been on within the resorts that I have been to (4 including POFQ). If you like seafood, the restaurant has a buffet. And don't forget to order "The Kitchen Sink" at the ice cream place. Oh yea, a pretty good slice of pizza across the lake on...
  6. DisneyWeather!

    My bad - sorry everyone!

    I didn't realize that the "pool hopping" question had already been asked and was such a sensitive topic (and this is not meant to be a second attempt at a new thread , just an apology). It was a sincere question. My wife and I stayed at beach club last year just for the pool (no parks) and...
  7. DisneyWeather!

    Fishing at Port Orleans Riverside?

    I know that you can rent cane poles and I know that you can go on a guided excusion from the marina at Port Orleans Riverside, but I seem to remember reading on here that you can fish with your own equipment on the Riverside property for free. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  8. DisneyWeather!

    Pool Hopping?

    I know that they check Keys to the Kingdom Cards and give wristbands at Beach/Yacht Club pool, but do they allow you to pool hop amongst the other Deluxe Resorts. We want to stay at POR, but were thinking it would be cool to check out the pools at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge. We...
  9. DisneyWeather!

    Pin ?

    Just wondering what (if any) blackout dates applied?
  10. DisneyWeather!

    I Just Got My FIRST PIN

    No worries, every little bit helps. I am still curious as to the dates, as I am stuck with a very small window of opportunity and I haven't seen any deals during my window. Thanks.
  11. DisneyWeather!

    I Just Got My FIRST PIN

    May I ask what dates your 30% off discount is for and what level rooms/resorts?
  12. DisneyWeather!

    Port Orleans Riverside (Dixie Landings) Turns 20

    Really? You can fish in the river? I was wondering if you would be asked not to if you brought your own. You could see big bass in the lake at C. Beach from the bridge, but the water at POR is so dark, I haven't been able to spot any fish. I know you can rent a cane pole there, too, but we...
  13. DisneyWeather!

    Port Orleans Riverside (Dixie Landings) Turns 20

    She is calling me home. We were just there in late August, but I really want to be there now. Everything the previous posters have written makes my want to come back. I too love the ambiance and so love just walking the property. The pool is fun, the Mill is good, the landscaping...
  14. DisneyWeather!

    need help with summer question

    I am a teacher also. We did August 21-29 last summer. Got free dining and stayed at POR. Would do it again tomorrow if I could. Crowds were lower than average as most schools in south were back in session. It is hot and we did get a few strong rain storms, but as long as you know its going...
  15. DisneyWeather!

    Question about dining / resort ?

    I love the Riverside, too. To me, I am still in a special place, a destination, when I am there, away from the parks.
  16. DisneyWeather!

    Pin Codes

    Curious as to what the dates in April it is valid for?
  17. DisneyWeather!

    Pin Codes

    That's cool, I just earlier asked for the latest planning DVD and over the weekend saved a few package offers. See if it works for me too. Are you able to use yours?
  18. DisneyWeather!

    Pin Codes

    That Mouse works in mysterious ways, huh. That is a neat story, thanks for sharing. I am hoping for the same vibes. Every trip out to the mailbox is a mini-adventure. I have had a few in the past, but was never able to use them. As I keep saying, I just know that even if I do get one, it...
  19. DisneyWeather!

    Pin Codes

    They Do Exist! Thanks for the replies. I know I won't get what I need based on what I've seen, they don't typically discount certain periods and spring break is more than likely one of them. Its too bad for them in a way. We both want to do this, but the difference that a deal makes in price...
  20. DisneyWeather!

    Do You Avoid EMHs?

    We tend to do the typical summer routine of EMH first thing in the morning, head back for rest and a swim, and then EMH in the evening after dinner. We always have dining plan and I feel we spend an awful lot of time going to, waiting for, and eating dinner (always enjoy it). So having the...
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