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  1. Timmay

    Music Scores

    In times like these, it’s wonderful to find things in common with people you may disagree with. Of the many (too many) hobbies I find comforting, music is the oldest of them. I always have preferred my music without words, most of the time. I was always drawn to the power of music when used in...
  2. Timmay

    South Africa: 2010 World Cup

    Let's hear it from all you soccer, football, futbol, footy fans out there. We are just days away from the opening game, followed by a month of great matchups. So, who is your team/country, who do you think will actually win, and what are the matches you are looking forward to the most? As...
  3. Timmay

    I'm getting a TAT!!

    :sohappy:Yep...have an appointment this coming Monday to get my first tattoo!!!! Here is a picture of what I am getting I have reached an obvious turning point in my life in several different ways, and this has special meaning...every part of this has meaning for me and is important in my...
  4. Timmay

    So, how does one...

    …start to get over losing the love of their life? I am serious here…at 44 years old, and not experienced at this, how do you start to move on after coming to the conclusion the person you love, the one you would die for, the one you want to share the rest of your life with, is done with you and...
  5. Timmay

    I am moving to...

    ...well, it is kind of a secret. I am getting a pretty big promotion and will be leaving Denver on the 3rd of June and end up in a place about an hour from Chicago. I was asked not to really say anything about where yet...there are still soem things to be worked out there. I am going to be...
  6. Timmay

    BCS is wrong again this year

    Gotta be one of the funniest things ever...and the responses at these two sites are just as good.
  7. Timmay

    Paul Newman dead at 83

    Sad news for us movie fans. Although I was never a fan of Cars, I loved his work in it. I will probably make time this weekend to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Cool Hand Luke
  8. Timmay

    A big trip deserves a big report...lots of big pics, too

    Another giant family trip has come and gone. 10 months of planning and organizing have resulted in an even bigger and better trip than last time. In 2006, my wife, son and I invited other family members to join us on our trek to Walt Disney World. My mom and dad, brother and his two sons...
  9. Timmay

    The worst and best game.

    Okay, I thought this might be fun. Everyone list their favorite CS and TS and also their least favorite CS and TS with reasons why. No questioning the choices, meaning no "You actually like that place...uggggh", or "Hey, how could you hate (fill in the blank), that is our favorite". I am...
  10. Timmay

    Base ticket question

    I did a search, but didn't see exactly what I was looking for. Anyway...can two of the Magic Your Way base tickets be used for different parks in the same day? Example: I have a 7 day Base ticket, and wish to go to MK in the morning and Ak in the afternoon/evening. At the end of the day I...
  11. Timmay

    Question about crowds during marathon.

    I did a search but did not find the answer to my question, so please excuse me if it is in a place I missed. I am starting the planning for a pretty large group (11-14) trip for January 2008. We are limited to either January 13 – 20 or January 20 – 27. I would like to avoid MLK weekend (the...
  12. Timmay

    Question about crowds during marathon.

    Wrong forum...sorry...wasn't paying attention. :(
  13. Timmay

    WDW shopping from home?

    I swear I saw a post about the ability to buy items from the shops in the parks if you were no longer in the parks. We of course forgot to go back to a shop in Animal Kingdom (my wife collects Harmony Kingdom boxes and found one with Tink...just forgot to go back) and get what we wanted. I...
  14. Timmay

    Pics from latest rip

    Here are fourteen from our trip a coupel of weeks ago...enjoy Sorry about the links...put them in with the img tags...maybe too big. Sorry. Also have some trip reports over in that section...:D
  15. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 6 IOA

    My wife and I start off day 6 with a nice kiss and saying “happy anniversary” to each other. Today is our 16th wedding anniversary…we were married January 27 1990 and spent our honeymoon at WDW and a Disney cruise (Disney did not have their own cruise line back in those days, but I still...
  16. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 5 USF

    Thursday and day #5. We are off to USF (fair warning for any that don’t want to read about Universal, but we love it). We get to the park before opening and get our tickets from the kiosk…we had ordered them some time before and got the kids free deal. Only one small problem, my wife forgot...
  17. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 4 Studios

    Day 4 will be our trip to Disney Studios. I can’t wait to get on the Tower and Rockin’ Rollercoaster…two of our favorites. We arrive before the park opens and walk with the small crowd down the main street and I am elated to see most everyone head straight. We turn right and make our way to...
  18. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 3 MK

    It’s Tuesday and Magic Kingdom is on the agenda for day 3. We arrive and take the ferry across the lake. We walk up to the gates and have a short wait as they have just opened up. We head directly to Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Once again, no wait and we walk right in. I was really looking...
  19. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 2 Epcot

    Day number 2 of The Big Trip. We have to get an early start today. We need to catch the shuttle to the Car Care Center and pick up our 8 passenger mini van. All goes according to plan until the agent at Alamo tells us there is no 8 passenger mini van on site…buuuut, they will give us the 15...
  20. Timmay

    The Big Trip Jan 22-29 Day 1

    Well, the big trip has come and gone. Almost two years in the making to get 8 of us together for this vacation (me 40, wife, 39, son 9, brother 37 and his two sons 7 and 9, and my parents 64 and 59). We made our reservations back in July and I have put more time into planning this than I think I...
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