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  1. krisri18

    Trip Report Completed: How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report

    Hello all! It's pre-trip report time, title explanation to follow! Who: That's all of us back in August of 2017 at Whispering Canyon Cafe. From the left: SIL @NessNewt, myself with my younger niece E on my lap, mom C, bf P, my now middle child R, my oldest hiding his head T, with older niece...
  2. krisri18

    Trip Report LIVE for Food and Wine and Toy Story Land Time! October 2018

    Hello Magic Friends! Considering it's almost time to make fast passes for my upcoming trip, I figured I should start my pre-trip report! I hope to go live for my trip report, but we'll see how it goes. This will be my 4th trip in a row for Food and Wine and I travel with a different...
  3. krisri18

    Trip Report LIVE: April Showers bring Flower and Garden! (I Wanna Be Like You... )

    ... @Tuvalu , @Doc Disney , and @TrolleyFollower91 ! After reading all of your mother-daughter trip reports, I decided it was time to take one with my mom! We've traveled together before, but either with my kids, my best friend, my brother and his family or my aunt and uncle. This will be the...
  4. krisri18

    Trip Report Team Find Gaston's Chair- a live trip report attempt!

    Hello all! I've never attempted a trip report, much less a live one, but @Tuvalu report has left us with questions that need answers! Mainly where is Gaston's Chair?!?! So, for the good of the people, we're on a mission to find out! Who: Me(Kristen) and my boyfriend Patrick It's our 5th Disney...
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