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  1. MaxW

    Finally A Imagination Pavilion refurb?

    with the theater showing EO closing, one has to wonder of its true successor. This, along with the mysterious 250 million allotted to EPCOT (in August?), and the continued popularity of the dream-finder comics, leads me to believe that this could be the refurb this ride has needed for years...
  2. MaxW

    Can Beastly Kingdom Happen Today?

    I love the concept for alot of scrapped animal kingdom, especially the mythology behind beastly kingdom. So i was wondering, how big is camp minnie mickey? is there a area open for development large enough to hold the concepts of beastly kingdom? and do you think disney would ever blow away the...
  3. MaxW

    Oh Yeah... on my last trip to WDW, The Land pavilion was Evacuated.

    i know it's short and late, but we never found out why one morning at the end of january the entire pavillion was evacuated. i can post pictures of the restricted area tomorrow...if you all want to see whats behind there.
  4. MaxW

    Would Disney ever revive cancelled projects?

    i just wanted to hear the boards thoughts on whether or not they think the Disney company would ever go through with building some of the abandoned rides/lands in the parks today. I have seen some brilliant concept art for Discovery Bay and Edison Square and wonder if i'll ever get to see these...
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