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  1. cheshiresmile

    Thing you WANT to Do, But Can't

    Sleep in the Haunted Mansion, the Castle Suite, and stay at the Poly. In order of least possible to most possible lol. I guess my wishes involve sleeping!
  2. cheshiresmile

    Strangest Issue on an Attraction

    That happened to us in '96, someone with (I think) crutches tripped and fell at the top and the people behind were piling up! Took a minute for them to turn it off and pick everyone up!
  3. cheshiresmile

    MK Opening Ceremony and Happily Ever After Show ?

    We leave in 25 days and it isn't updated for us yet either. Seems to be the norm now from what I hear.
  4. cheshiresmile

    British Dad Fined For Taking Daughter To WDW

    We have lots of reasons to take the kids out, and lots that for us, it is fine. They kids have maybe missed one day each this year, so frequent absences are not a problem. They go to a Montessori school, so the structure is a bit different and more flexible. Both kids, DD especially, do well in...
  5. cheshiresmile

    Help with bells services and room deliveries....

    Did you have refrigerated items?
  6. cheshiresmile

    British Dad Fined For Taking Daughter To WDW

    My kids will be missing 7 days next month, don't tell the cops!
  7. cheshiresmile

    Are you trying anything new on your next trip?

    Really? I see different things in different places. Some say bandana, some say their kids din't get anything. Either way, it's a surprise and I know they'll have a blast!
  8. cheshiresmile

    Are you trying anything new on your next trip?

    This will be out longest trip ever, so plan to do some resort hopping as well. The monorail resorts and Boardwalk also. DS has never been, and DD was under 2 the last time, so it's basically all new for them! Their little minds are going to be totally blown! They are also doing the Pirate...
  9. cheshiresmile

    Ever see someone get busted at Disney?

    I got busted at PI. I was by myself and had started hanging out with a guy and we were up at the bar (maybe BET soundstage?) Another guy came up and started talking to me and I said I would buy us some shots. The shots come and I turn and the guy is gone, so I hand it to the first guy. Turns out...
  10. cheshiresmile

    Will the new Beauty and the Beast live action film (with the gay theme) backfire on Disney?

    Because it's part of character development and expression, which enhances plot. It's part of life, so it doesn't mean it's agenda driven except to those who have conscious or subconscious negative feelings towards it.
  11. cheshiresmile

    S/O Overheard at WDW

    OMG I can see my son doing this! LOLOLOL
  12. cheshiresmile

    Touring Plans

    We haven't used them yet, but I have heard lots of good things so I bought the membership for our trip in May. If you have the Unofficial Guide you get a discount. I paid less than $9 for a year, and you ave other trip planning tools online with it. Even full price is around $13 I think, and if...
  13. cheshiresmile

    When do Flower and Garden menus come out? I don't remember seeing this last night!
  14. cheshiresmile

    Using Disney Visa for Dining Discounts

    I know they won't take my word but I didn't know if it would come off automatically like with a Target card...
  15. cheshiresmile

    Car Rental for Resort Hopping

    We do need 2 boosters. I had considered the DD factor as well, but just because we have the car doesn't mean we n have to use it for every ride. IDK, maybe transferring won't be too bad for just a few days of resort hopping.
  16. cheshiresmile

    Car Rental for Resort Hopping

    I don't mind taking the bus to the parks, but we are planning to resort hop a few days. I found a good price (11 days of a minivan for under $300), would you call it worth it for resort hopping? So the main thing would be to prevent transferring buses, and sometimes we would still take the bus...
  17. cheshiresmile

    Using Disney Visa for Dining Discounts

    Yeah, I'm hoping we don't spend $50 at a time too often...LOLOLOL Do you need to show the card for those, too?
  18. cheshiresmile

    Using Disney Visa for Dining Discounts

    Thanks! It will only be for Biergarten so it's just one day I need to carry my card I guess. But 10% off 6 people is worth it!
  19. cheshiresmile

    Using Disney Visa for Dining Discounts

    Do you need to ask for the discount? Or does it come off automatically when you pay with it? Do you ever need to show the card or is it OK if it's linked to your MB and you don't carry it with you? Thanks!
  20. cheshiresmile

    POP Century Web Page Removed?

    I have seen that in a few random pages lately. About an hour ago I saw it when I was trying to look at dining for All Star Music.
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