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  1. PineapplePrincess

    Trip Report "That's not Ben!"

    This trip report is brought to you by covid 19. I hadn't planned to do a report, but I'm not working at the moment so I thought I'd relive our trip by sharing it with y'all. When: March 6-11 Who: myself, E @MSUJafar and A @StupidJudy98 Why: A hasn't been on a trip with us since 2017. It's...
  2. PineapplePrincess

    Auntie Kaui

    I searched for threads containing this information, but couldn't find anything so I apologize if this is old news. Auntie Kaui, the Matriarch of the Polynesian has passed away. :cry: She worked there since it opened and I know she was a special part of many families' trips. She used to travel...
  3. PineapplePrincess

    The Child

    Baby Yoda at the Ice Fest in our little town of Plymouth, Michigan.
  4. PineapplePrincess

    Trip Report Oi! 25 years will give you such a crick in the neck! *Completed*

    Alternate title: Good thing I'm flexible since I did so many splits this stay! Trip dates: June 14-26, 2019 Greetings, my fellow WDWMagic-ers! To those of you who continue reading, I thank you. It's how I get my validation! ;) This trip was just myself and DH (MSUJafar). For this report, I'll...
  5. PineapplePrincess

    Trip Report It takes two to make a trip go right-June 2018

    Who: just DH (@MSUJafar, who I will call E for the remainder of this report) and I. DD20 stayed home this year to watch the dog and also because she is taking summer classes. When: June 16-27. We don't usually travel this early in the summer, but E is getting his Master's Degree and this was...
  6. PineapplePrincess

    I blinged, blang, blung my MagicBand

    Whatever the past tense of bling is. This is what I do in my spare time on Spring Break. Getting ready for our June trip...just 73 more days! Please ignore the glue strings. I'm afraid if I pull them, all the crystals will come off! @Tuvalu this is mainly for you because I mentioned blinging...
  7. PineapplePrincess

    Trip Report Oh the pressure...of a name

    Hello WDWMagic-ers! I have debated with myself at length if I wanted to do a trip report or not. I am certainly no @Tuvalu, @fractal, @blgauger or @prfctlyximprct ... but I may have some useful information and insights! So I have decided to mostly report on what we did that was new and...
  8. PineapplePrincess

    Transfer balance on gift cards

    Has anyone transferred balances to eliminate the need to carry so many gift cards? We purchase a card each week with our groceries to earn fuel points, so we have A LOT of cards. I'd like to avoid bringing them all as it's pretty cumbersome. However, I'm nervous and unsure as to how it works...
  9. PineapplePrincess

    What would you do?

    So I was fortunate to snag an 11:15 Rivers of Light dining package at Tusker House. I also have a 5:30 dinner reservation at Jiko. It's morning EMH at AK that day and it's our first full day, so we will be there at 8:00 when it opens. We had originally decided that if we got RoL package, we...
  10. PineapplePrincess

    Magical Bracket Game

    Did anybody do the Magical Bracket Game in Entertainment Weekly? It's a bracket of Disney songs. My winner came out to be "A Pirate's Life for Me".
  11. PineapplePrincess

    Trip Report Happiness is a Split Stay

    It's been quite a few years since I have had the patience to do a TR. You see, I have tech anxiety even when it comes to the simplest things. This is a report that I did for another board that is specifically for DVC members although you do not have to own DVC to join it. It will be photo...
  12. PineapplePrincess

    test TR

    I haven't done a TR in a really long time, but I did this one on another board that is more specifically for DVC members. So I'm using this test to see if I can copy and paste it here! I'll probably do this one day at a time because that's how my attention span works. It will be photo light...
  13. PineapplePrincess


    Still having trouble posting photos from my computer. :facepalm: It looks like it worked...can it really be that easy?!
  14. PineapplePrincess

    Blast from the past

    DH (MSUJafar) found these while going through his parents' stuff!
  15. PineapplePrincess

    Sparkling Dessert Party

    First of all, let it be known that Pineappleprincess is pretty easy to please. It may be all the champagne talking, but I've just returned from the Illuminations Sparkling Dessert Party & I thought it was amazing! The view for Illuminations was IMHO top notch...and Cronuts flambeed (sp?) in...
  16. PineapplePrincess

    July 2013 Roll Call

    So I did a search and couldn't find a roll call for July. We (myself, DH & DD15) will be at a BLT studio from July 19-27. Then we are off to Vero Beach for 3 nights
  17. PineapplePrincess

    Vero Beach Experts?

    Hello Friends! My little family (myself, DH, and DD15) are fortunate enough to be DVC members! We are also fortunate enough to be staying at BLT for 8 nights, and Vero Beach for 3 nights this summer! I'm looking for some tips from experienced Vero Beachers. DD15 loves the beach, so this side...
  18. PineapplePrincess

    Help us decide

    Hello friends! :wave: We are getting close to our 180 day mark, and have made most of our dining decisions. Here's what we have so far: Hoop De Doo Cali Grill Citrico's Brown Derby Yak & Yeti Portobello Le Cellier Jiko Breakfast at Kona Cafe We are staying at BC, and would like...
  19. PineapplePrincess

    Waiting for ROFR!

    210 points at OKW through The Timeshare Store! Our offer was accepted by the seller, and now we are waiting for ROFR. They have until October 30th! Anybody with experience with ROFR care to share how long they had to wait? Thanks!
  20. PineapplePrincess

    Is this doable?

    We booked a last minute (at least for us it's last minute) trip for Nov. 30-Dec. 4 at Carribean Beach with the Passholder discount.:sohappy: We are set to arrive at MCO at 5:02. The night we arrive is the only night we can do MVMCP because it is the only night we're there that we can get the...
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