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  1. cheshiresmile

    Car Rental for Resort Hopping

    I don't mind taking the bus to the parks, but we are planning to resort hop a few days. I found a good price (11 days of a minivan for under $300), would you call it worth it for resort hopping? So the main thing would be to prevent transferring buses, and sometimes we would still take the bus...
  2. cheshiresmile

    Using Disney Visa for Dining Discounts

    Do you need to ask for the discount? Or does it come off automatically when you pay with it? Do you ever need to show the card or is it OK if it's linked to your MB and you don't carry it with you? Thanks!
  3. cheshiresmile

    AoA Suite vs. ASM Suite-Big Price Difference!

    We already have 10 nights booked at AoA. Now I see we could do ASM and save over $800. I don't know if we should stick with AoA since we already planned on that cost, or save the $$$. Has anyone tried both? Other than the theming, is there an advantage to AoA? Maybe the bus not being shared. I...
  4. cheshiresmile

    Breakfast Timing @ BOG

    I have ADR at BOG for 8:20. Is 40 minutes enough time to possibly see the opening ceremony, or at least get a little ahead of the Fantasyland crowds? I'll keep trying for earlier, but would this work if I can't find a better one?
  5. cheshiresmile

    Finally got to book! (Pincode success!)

    DH didn't get to pick his 2017 vacation time until this past Thursday, but now we are set for May! Somehow he didn't realize I was planning on 10 nights and wasn't on board at first but he came around :) I tried a shot in the dark to get AKL from David's but no availability, so I used the...
  6. cheshiresmile

    Can you keep ADR if you switch resorts?

    We won't have our official vacation dates until we're already past 180 days out. I was thinking of getting a room for when we want to go so that I can make a few ADR's since we could cancel if we had to. Once we have our official dates I'll attempt to get a DVC rental. So if that works out and...
  7. cheshiresmile

    DVC Retals- Do we have a chance at availability?

    So we are looking at travel in May, but we won't know about DH's vacation time until probably beginning of December. I was hoping to get us into AKV or BWV, is that not far enough in advance? We could consider going in September but idk if that is even far enough ahead. Thanks!
  8. cheshiresmile

    Hotel Cancellation Fees

    I am going through options for next year. I would like to try a vacation rental but I don't think we'll be able to book far enough out. So I am thinking to get our room and hope for a last minute rental deal. The Disney site says there might be a cancellation fee. It looks like it applies only...
  9. cheshiresmile

    Entertainment for toddlers on the plane

    I'm sure different Target stores have different things, but in CT I found some great coloring books. In the dollar section in the front of the store they had mini books, 3x5 or so, with stickers in Disney themes (and others) for a buck each. I got every different one they had, I found 10 in all...
  10. cheshiresmile

    boy do we have it good!

    i know there has been a lot of talk about disney quality and cleanliness going down in recent years, but it could be so much worse! i live near six flags new england and just went last night. now, part of the park is pretty old, it used to be called riverside years ago, and six flags kept some...
  11. cheshiresmile

    california grill/wishes

    what would be the best time to get a ps to see wishes from cg? should i mention anything specific to any cms? thanks! renee
  12. cheshiresmile

    fiance's first time

    my fiance and i are going to wdw in nov, and it is his first time. i would like some suggestions on things i should make sure he sees (other than obvious attractions) or romantic couples areas or activities. thanks! renee
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