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  1. cjack300zx

    When somebody catches COVID

    Of course there will just look at some of the past absurd lawsuits filled against Disney
  2. cjack300zx

    Predictions on when evening hours and nighttime shows can resume?

    Come on we want your prediction so you can add it to your prediction thread in the chat section.
  3. cjack300zx

    When will you return?

    It doesn't look like I'm going to make it to Disney World this year. I have been thinking about taking the money I have saved for Disney World and use that to take a trip to Disneyland early next year. I have never been to Disneyland as it is usually cheaper or I get more bang for the buck to go...
  4. cjack300zx

    Do you think that Disney world will reclose its gates due to the rising number of COVID cases in Florida and around the country?

    It's looking more and more like Disney will reopen as scheduled, CM cast previews begin on the 7th.
  5. cjack300zx

    Splash Mountain Re-Theme is Official

    I'm not surprised, Splash Mountain is one of my top five favorite rides in all of Disney and I'm very sad to see it changed. I hope Disney will blow me away with the new theme of the ride, also hope that the down time of this ride is not significantly long
  6. cjack300zx

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I don't know the terms or conditions of there contract with Disney but if it states" no strike no lockout" in their contract then the employees can not strike if they remain under contract
  7. cjack300zx


    We rented from here, great experience and would rent from them again in the future
  8. cjack300zx

    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    Hiipaa law and the privacy rule protects the individual from having health conditions released to the public. At my job our employer would not tell us who or what department a person worked in when they were told to self quarantine. Company started that hiipaa law prevented them from doing so
  9. cjack300zx

    What is your timeline for Disney being back to normal again?

    If we are talking Disney being back to full compacity, no masks, and all shows and attractions being open my "guess" is 6 months. I think the biggest and long term impact will be financially and the cutbacks Disney will make because of the lose of revenue
  10. cjack300zx

    US Cinemas Are Reopening Slowly.

    No word on when movie theaters will open in my neck of the woods, I miss it a lot. We have been going to the movies every week now for several years until the pandemic closed them down.
  11. cjack300zx

    What kind of Disney guest are you?

    I have to get up early every day for work so when I'm on vacation I like to sleep in a little so I have never been to a rope drop at any park. We park hop and try to go to whichever park is open the latest. I would like to do rope drop at Magic Kingdom at least one time if I can convince myself...
  12. cjack300zx

    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    If I go to DW this year it will be in September but if these are the conditions in September I will just wait until next year
  13. cjack300zx

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion Looks like Dollywood could be the first theme park to open
  14. cjack300zx

    Do you think Buffett style might change.

    Don't see Disney changing away from self serve for they would have to hire more CMs to serve you which would cost them more money. If the demand for it is there they will have it
  15. cjack300zx

    Survivor S40: Winners at War

    Loved that Tony won I also felt if Sarah had won the fire making challenge that Natalie would have won the game
  16. cjack300zx

    Would you visit Walt Disney World with these health-based operational restrictions in place?

    People need to understand that these things are to make the customer "feel" safe, weather or not it's a false sense of security is very debatable. I work for a major grocery chain and we are required to wear a mask for our entire shift, its almost impossible to not touch your face while wearing...
  17. cjack300zx

    Anyone paying for flights?

    Booked a trip for the end of September, $125 round trip
  18. cjack300zx

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    So what do you do if you have to sneeze and you're wearing a mask? Do you just sneeze into your mask, then you would be walking around with a mask full of whatever came out of your mouth and nose or do you take your mask off and sneeze into the bend of your arm? I imagine that would make anyone...
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