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  1. trendicoff

    WDW Fan Base Initiative

    Thank you very much -- I built it with a friend of mine. We each contributed 50/50 so I can't say I'm solely that talented. I just hope it gets put to good use :-)
  2. trendicoff

    WDW Fan Base Initiative

    WONDERFUL IDEA! I know I'm late to this party, but I figured I'd offer my help and support. I love WDW like all the rest of you and just hope and pray for a little more attention to be paid to all the wonderful details. I don't want to steal the magic from the idea of
  3. trendicoff

    Character signatures

    Typically at guest relations (at least at MK) they have one expert on hand who can "find" all the characters in order to help small guests who couldn't find their favorite to get an autograph. I'm always impressed by these CMs (and I love Tinkerbelle's signature).
  4. trendicoff

    Test Track tires

    Don't quote me on this, but if I had to guess I'd think it would be much more efficient in this situation to use solid rather than tube based tires. If that is actually the case, a tire could shred but not really blow out. Next time you're riding, look down to the right as you round the bend...
  5. trendicoff

    Test Track tires

    Not only do the tires get changed, but with less regularity so do the other 14 "tires" on the test track cars. Stand under the track to the left of the entrance (towards the path to go backstage) and look at the cars as they pass over. You'll see that there are lots of wheels on the bottom of...
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    Certainly an MO at some companies, but looking at TDC in a vacuum of one year is truly naive. I made my comment specifically in the context of a contrast to the previous year when economic times were even worse and yet the company increased the advertising dollars.
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    While I've had nothing but positive interactions with Ms. Crofton I can't specifically speak to her business decisions nor what personal impact she has had on any of those we've observed at WDW. What I am curious about are these notions of flat-lining or decreasing attendance. While I'm not...
  8. trendicoff


    I won't disagree with all the great advice of the previous posters, but I will add some of my own from my experiences with the mouse. First 2 quick corrections from what I saw above: 1) Disney selects upper management 50/50 from internal and external. Obviously there are years when it is...
  9. trendicoff

    Things Guests Say...

    Love it, it's on my daily reading list. There was a great one recently about tech support for diapers. Back to the thread . . . A couple of years ago We were on the bus I think to MK and we pass the TOT "ad" - the tower with the swinging elevator and a guest asks the buss driver, "Are those...
  10. trendicoff

    Disney Language...

    Hmm, interesting. Last time I checked my area was still using "protein spill". I'll share a few (as previously mentioned you can find a ton on the internet): 1) "102" - the opposite of 101, running normally 2) "Alpha Unit" - EMS vehicle, usually an ambulance 3) "Shrink" - not actually a...
  11. trendicoff

    Encore! Cast Choir

    I couldn't be at the show :( I've seen the clips on youtube which are fantastic, but I was wondering if anyone had a complete audio recording of the show, or if there was a way to get one? Thanks!
  12. trendicoff

    Anyone catch Disney on "Unwrapped" last night?

    That's so sad, I really wanted to replace my hummingbird with the broken wing. I still have a unicorn she made for me over a decade ago. So does that mean she's changed her spiel to now, "I present for ME candy, corn syrup . . ." :p
  13. trendicoff

    Cool Hidden Magic

    We mentioned alot of them in this thread go check it out!
  14. trendicoff

    What secrets did you learn on the keys to the kingdom tour?

    Gosh, what didn't I learn from Keys to the Kingdom? Well I suppose that's an exaggeration but I'm somewhat of a WDW tour fanatic. Yes keys is an awesome tour but what's been much more interesting to me is seeing how it has developed over the years. I've now been on keys 6 times, first in...
  15. trendicoff

    Who knows about the so called American Flags on Main Street USA, I do!

    Glad to see new people getting into all the behind the scenes magic. I'll add on one more reason why they only put up faux American flags. An American flag must be taken down every night and that would be a heck of a lot of work for the CMs to have to take all those down. This way they can...
  16. trendicoff

    The Imagineer-- Project 5

    The pleasure is all mine :)
  17. trendicoff

    The Imagineer-- Project 5

    First off, Mater thanks for welcoming me in as a new judge, I'm already thrilled by the entries I've seen. To all the contestants, superb efforts -- MK really needs more table dining options and you all rose to the challenge. Before I add my 2 cents, I wanted to have the chance to comment on...
  18. trendicoff

    The Imagineer-- Project 5

    Sorry for being tardy to the party, I've had some internet issues just this weekend, but I'm back and all my comments on the wonderful projects will be up in just a little while.
  19. trendicoff

    Spring things on ground in Kilamanjaro Safaris

    @PhoneDave Lol, sorry Dave, my bad. It's true I love seeing the real nature that occurs there whether it's Disney friendly or not, but policy is policy :-) @MrsJobson You made my face red. You're 100% right, I remember now them teaching us about the electrified wires. I confused them...
  20. trendicoff

    Spring things on ground in Kilamanjaro Safaris

    To my knowledge there are no AAs on Kilimanjaro unless you count the geysers at the end, and second all recordings/interactions are triggered by "pucks" buried just below the ground level. As others have said, it's apparently a natural instinct for hoofed stock to refrain from walking across...
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