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  1. cru5h

    Deep Fried Mars Bars Take Scotland by storm

    I just saw a link to this on Yahoo and thought it looked kind of interesting. Has anyone had this or something like it before? Personally I'm more of a Snickers kind...
  2. cru5h

    Perfect Disney Weather!

    This weekend looks like it's gonna be perfect. Saturday Partly Cloudy 64°/42° Sunday Sunny 65°/44° *stops pretending to be a meteorologist and leaves*
  3. cru5h

    Mr. Boogity Boogidy?

    Does anyone else remember this made-for-tv movie? I believe it was on around 1987ish when there was a Disney movie on say ABC or something. It was intended to be a "scary movie" for kids, but it was also kind of cute. It was about a family who moved into a haunted house, haunted by Mr...
  4. cru5h

    A question about reputation etiquette

    I've never been on a forum like this one and I ummm...finally figured out where the user CP is not too long ago. I noticed the reputation thing around then. When someone gives you good reputation are you supposed to do something in return? HEY get your minds out of the gutter!! I was j/w...
  5. cru5h

    Your Christmas/Holiday Songs Playlists

    What are your favorite Christmas/holiday songs? I'll Be Home For Christmas (Sinatra/Crosby version) It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Jackson 5 version) Let it Snow (Sinatra) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (from The Nutcracker) Baby Please Come Home...
  6. cru5h

    A couple more avatars to give away

    The Little Mermaid These I actually made myself :sohappy: goooooooo me! Take 'em if you want 'em.
  7. cru5h

    Some Finding Nemo avatars

    Just thought I'd share these with you guys. I didn't create them, but they were submitted to my icons community on LiveJournal to share. Enjoy, I thought they were cute.
  8. cru5h

    Ever gotten caught up in the moment?

    Ever gotten emotional in one of the parks? I know I love Disney World, but I recently found myself getting all emotional there. Like...shhh don't tell anyone else, but I cried a little during Philharmagic cause I was so happy while watching it. And I almost cried during the Pocahontas scene in...
  9. cru5h

    MGM September 18th

    We arrived at MGM around 9ish Saturday morning for my b/f's daughter's 11th birthday. It was so uncrowded it was scary. We first went on Tower of Terror, 8 minutes in line maximum. The orange creme Slurpee I had not long before didn't sit well with me after ToT :dazzle: but I was better by...
  10. cru5h

    my tips website

    I created this after going to the Magic Kingdom last December, cause it was as close to a perfect trip as I've ever had. We usually only go up for one day and one night since we live 3 hours south of Kissimmee/Orlando so we squeeze a lot in. Before you read: I know I sound totally paranoid...
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