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  1. frank2271

    Mandatory “Room Check” - Take the poll...

    They are able to open both locks.
  2. frank2271

    Mandatory “Room Check” - Take the poll...

    Yes we did, never took it off.
  3. frank2271

    Mandatory “Room Check” - Take the poll...

    Hello all, I spent marathon weekend at All Star Movies last weekend. Checked in solo on Wednesday, my wife came over on Friday. Got up at 2:30 to run the 5k on Thursday. Returned to the room after the race to shower and take a nap. During my nap I got a tap at the door. At first I ignored...
  4. frank2271

    Has Tony Town Square improved their pasta?

    Hello all, Please forgive me if this has been posted recently, I searched and didn’t find anything. I watched a YouTube interview with the outgoing MK Vice President and he said that Tony’s has recently hired a new chef and that all the pasta is made fresh in house. Has anyone experienced...
  5. frank2271

    Hitch hiking ghosts at Trader Sam's.

    Hello all, I'm currently at Fort Wilderness. Does anyone know if Trader Sam's has the Hitch hiking ghosts glasses? I must have one. Thanks in advance.
  6. frank2271

    Expedition Everest Challenge

    Any idea if they did an early registration for Disney Visa holders?
  7. frank2271

    Fort Wilderness Campground Hot Tub question

    We've been camping at the Fort every January for over a decade. Last year we were there one evening and walked over to the hot tub for a nice long soak. Soaking in the hot tub on cold nights is one of our favorite things to do at the Fort. Unfortunately, last year they decided to close the...
  8. frank2271

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Thanks for the quick response. The course looks awesome. Everything I was looking for.
  9. frank2271

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Has anyone heard anything about the 10K course? My family and I are doing it this year and I'm really curious where in EPCOT they are going to squeeze 6 miles? I hope it's not four miles of parking lot. We have done the 5k and atleast a mile of it (30%) is in the parking lot. I would like to...
  10. frank2271

    2013 Halloween at Fort Wilderness

    I just booked a campsite at FW for this coming Halloween. Can anyone tell me what to expect as far as the schedule? I have the site for only one night, Oct 31st. I would like to see the Golf Cart Parade, and the pumpkin carving. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank
  11. frank2271

    GREAT idea for a new runner shirt, what u think?

    Hi everyone, Last Wednesday night during my last long run I came up with a great idea for a new shirt design for runners. On the back of the shirt there should be, in BIG, clear letters, a message saying "Walkers, stay to the right". I run a 0.6 mile loop in a local park at night because...
  12. frank2271

    Goofy training? Post your questions, comments and advice here.

    Food is a BIG question. How do you re-fuel after the Half and carb up for the full on less than 24 hours without having any stomach issues?
  13. frank2271

    Disneyland Half Marathon

    There are no charecters off property. There is local bands and cheerleaders. The race is actually pretty boring off property. But worth it in the end.
  14. frank2271

    Cheapest time to go on a cruise

    Hi all, My family and I (wife & 14 yo son) want to go on a Fantasy Eastern 7 night cruise. Can any one tell us what week of the year would be the cheapest? Thanks in advance, Frank
  15. frank2271

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    We usually stay at an All-Star Resort and have always had the pasta "deal" in the food court. We plan on doing that again this year for the Dopey.
  16. frank2271

    Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, etc...

    I heard there was a Tri at Fort Wilderness. Don't know anything else, but someone told me that. I'll look into it.
  17. frank2271

    Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, etc...

    I did the Tough Mudder in FL, it was a BLAST! Got the tattoo to prove it. Aslo did the Warrior Dash 5k mud run, was also a BLAST. Too bad Disney hasn't jumped on the band wagon, they should do a mud/obstacle type run with a villian theme. :fork: I know they have the Everest Challenge...
  18. frank2271

    Goofy training? Post your questions, comments and advice here.

    Hi everyone, I'm signed up for my first Goofy (actually doing the Dopey) in 2013 and wanted to start a thread for everyone out there who is like me: training for a crazy goal, 39.3 miles in two days. Thought the experts in this challenge could help with specific questions for those of us...
  19. frank2271

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    the stretch between AK and the Studios is the worst part of the race, IMHO. The out and back is bad. Then the hill going up the over pass that is over the Studios enterance, rough. But from then on, it's a real fun race, your off the streets and on your way to the finish.
  20. frank2271

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Deffinately do it. You'll regret it if you don't. That's what my wife told me about the Goofy. And she's right, as usual......
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