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  1. bostonpayne

    Grocery options?

    We take the magical express bc we have a toddler. Do you know if there is a target or a Publix in the area I have a 3 year old so it’s easier for us to take DME every time. He enjoys seeing the buses anyways. Plus we rather spend our time heading to the parks than food shopping. I find it crazy...
  2. bostonpayne

    Grocery options?

    I’ve been a DVC member for about a year now and have taken 3 trips in the past year with my family and have purchased a grocery order with garden grocer. Anyone have any other better options they suggest? Garden grocer seems to be super overpriced that I might as well just get food in the parks...
  3. bostonpayne

    Anyone Going to WDW in Sept or Oct 2019?

    Yes, we will be there September 26th through October 1st. We will be staying in 2 bedroom villa copper creek. :) we most look forward to food and wine festival and mickeys not so scary Halloween!
  4. bostonpayne

    Mad Micromanaging Disney Mom

    I understand your point about the boyfriend part and I understand it is 2019 but this is a trip for the students not for the chaperones. It should be professional. She is going to Disney world. I’m sure everything will be fine. If the students had to pay for this trip I think they should be...
  5. bostonpayne

    Off site eating question

    By booking offsite food I find myself overthinking how i'm going to get there and it stresses me out if i'm going to make my reservation on time. I tend to book my reservations around my day. If i'm in MK or Epcot ill book a reservation at a hotel off the monorail. Other than that I wont book...
  6. bostonpayne

    Proof of Age?

    My family goes to Disney World at least once a year. I've had my son questioned at the door what his date of birth was because my two year old looked like a 3 year old that's just how he's built. As long as you figure out the DOB before you go so you aren't fumbling when they ask you then you...
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