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  1. EpcotCenter82

    Has your resort reservation been changed yet? To what resort?

    Yes, 1-407-W-DISNEY. Then was transferred to guest services. I was offered either Poly (marina view) or Contemporary (garden wing garden view) as the same price as the WL reservation. The rack rate for the room at the Poly was around $800/night.
  2. EpcotCenter82

    Has your resort reservation been changed yet? To what resort?

    I received an e-mail that I needed to call to change resorts. I called again last night as I saw a one bedroom villa at Copper Creek was available for my dates. The CM said that since my original reservation was for a deluxe, I could not upgrade to a DVC resort with the same pricing. The...
  3. EpcotCenter82

    Has your resort reservation been changed yet? To what resort?

    Had a reservation for Wilderness Lodge for the first week of December. Changed to the Polynesian (marina view) for the same price as the WL reservation
  4. EpcotCenter82

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    I already have a reservation for October 2021 and I have several 6 day park hoppers that I bought several years ago. So I can't use those tickets for the October 2021 trip? I have to update to a package with tickets??
  5. EpcotCenter82

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    So for 2021, no more room only reservations? Am I reading that correctly? You need a package with tickets to make a theme park reservation? What if you already have tickets that you want to add to a 2021 room only reservation.
  6. EpcotCenter82

    News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)

    Don't think that will ever happen. There was a resort themed to Venice planned for the area between the Poly and Contemporary in the original designs for WDW. When Eisner was CEO, a resort themed to the Greek isles was planned for the same area but was never built.
  7. EpcotCenter82

    Disney dining reservations canceled until the end of the year..
  8. EpcotCenter82

    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    On the Walt Disney World website: Pending approval from government officials, the phased reopening plans we submitted calls for Walt Disney World theme parks and Disney Resort hotels to open beginning July 11 for Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom followed by EPCOT and Disney’s...
  9. EpcotCenter82

    Resort for Oct 1, 2021

    I think that you are charged the maximum rate for the resort when you book at 499 days prior to arrival. Your rate will change once the "official" rates are released for 2021. Hopefully that will be for a less expensive rate!
  10. EpcotCenter82

    Resort for Oct 1, 2021

    Same here, also hoping that there will be an extra special fireworks display the night of October 1 that I can watch from the resort. October 1 is a Friday, hope there's not a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party scheduled for that evening.
  11. EpcotCenter82

    Resort for Oct 1, 2021

    You know you can book this reservation now? You are under 499 days before check-in.
  12. EpcotCenter82

    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    I have a reservation for early December 2020. Hope to be able to make that trip.
  13. EpcotCenter82

    Has Disney Pricing Increases/Atmosphere Cuts Altered YOUR FAMILIES WDW Attendance?

    I used to go every year but now go about every three years. I also don't usually stay at the deluxe resorts anymore. If I do stay at a deluxe, I usually do several days at a moderate or value before moving over to the deluxe. I don't make many ADR's anymore, just a few each trip.
  14. EpcotCenter82

    Rumor The Wave to become an 'Incredibles Steakhouse'

    I think it would be cool to return the decor in the Grand Canyon Concourse to how it appeared when the resort opened in 1971. Those neat (at least to a 13-year-old at the time) plexiglas trees, the vibrant carpet that matched the colors of the Mary Blair mural, etc.
  15. EpcotCenter82

    Disney Resorts with 24-hour Pools

    I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think the only pools open 24 hours are the quiet pools, like at Port Orleans Riverside and Caribbean Beach. All of the feature pools now have fences and are locked at certain times during the day.
  16. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    It must have been many summers ago. For summer 2019, a Tower theme park view runs $700/night plus tax plus parking. The least expensive times to stay at the Contemporary are early to mid-January and most of Sept. Same rooms runs $625/night (plus 12.5% tax + $24 a day parking)
  17. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    Also need to add $24 a night for parking.
  18. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    Main Tower - Theme Park View room is $850/night the week before and week after Easter. Same room is $878/night the week between Christmas and New Year's Day - these are the most expensive times for a WDW visit.
  19. EpcotCenter82

    All you need to know about 'Service Your Way' at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

    I thought the dog friendly rooms ended in October due to lack of interest?
  20. EpcotCenter82

    Triton Class Confirmed as the Project Name for New Ships

    Triton Class Confirmed as the Project Name for Disney Cruise Line’s LNG-Powered New Builds
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