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  1. wedway71

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    Suprised they did not have a Vacation Club Kiosk half way through the walk..... Been going to WDW since it opened so have lots of nostalgia for all of the original stuff. Always loved the exit. Not sure why they changed. maybe too costly to maintain or someone got hurt... dont know. I will...
  2. wedway71

    World of Disney expansion

    Saw a video on the whole water tower thing.. Built it from scratch.. brand new. It is in fact supposed to be themed as an old sign being used again. Thats why you see the old writing behind the DS logo.
  3. wedway71

    World of Disney expansion

    Ok OCD moment... and to be fair,,,, maybe they are going to still fix. BUT there have been a few people like myself that noticed how they did a poor job on patching the wood after removing the old sign. You can still see where the old sign hung.
  4. wedway71

    Very Ashamed...

    Good question.... One of those things where just never felt the need.. I guess when I go to DL I am going to have to take a Dole Whip selfie... lol
  5. wedway71

    Very Ashamed...

    Yes.. Good point... Going to Disneyland this year... hopefully they have as well....
  6. wedway71

    Very Ashamed...

    I always thought of myself as a HUGE Disney fan. Being born in 71 living and going to WDW for 44 years.... I have to say... I have NEVER had a Dole Whip!! As I type this.. I hang my head in Disney shame... That is all... climbing back under my rock..
  7. wedway71

    New mens apparel and accessory shop 'Twenty Eight and Main' to open in the Marketplace Co-Op

    AWESOME!!! I too am one of those guys who like to shop at WDW for guy stuff.... Used to buy a lot of my dress shirts and ties every time I would visit. My Messenger bag got messed up on business trip to Seattle... may need an excuse to fly down and by the one in the video...
  8. wedway71

    Disney begins sales of new 5 million dollar 'Four Seasons Private Residences' at Golden Oak

    I would live here. I would need a place to park my Range Rover and BMW..... plus would need a special room for my Rolex watches and Armani suits... wait... wrong life... I could not afford to buy a mail box there...
  9. wedway71

    Surprise reshuffle of Vice Presidents at the Walt Disney World parks on the horizon?

    Ugh... Disappointed again.. my name was not on the VP shuffle list as usual..... :D
  10. wedway71

    Name the things you MUST do every time you go to WDW??

    Yes... Right next to Team Disney Building... Yes.. you can go inside. :)
  11. wedway71

    Name the things you MUST do every time you go to WDW??

    Its been 2 years since my last trip to my fave place.... but every time we/I go to Disney there are some things I do that are simply habit-tradition-or just enjoy doing.... Selfie in front of Team Disney building. Walk in the Casting Center Building. Chocolate covered Rice Crispy treat in DTD...
  12. wedway71

    Ok... Dumb question but....

    Thanks guys/gals... I know by not investing the time before.. I am investing the time there...
  13. wedway71

    Ok... Dumb question but....

    Some great info... thanks guys.
  14. wedway71

    Ok... Dumb question but....

    Hi folks... its been a few years since going to WDW. Not by choice, just by work and life, etc. I do follow many Disney boards, news, FB, Linkedin, etc and see the plethora of info on Fast Pass, Magic my way, etc. I am of the thought that I love just to go to Disney and not plan too much. Just...
  15. wedway71

    Sunglass Hut now open at Typhoon Lagoon's Singapore Sals

    Have to admit... not too bad. As a retail guy seems like a lot of unused sales floor space but it seems to fit in well. Not sure though how many guests are going to fork out about $200 a pair for sunglasses...
  16. wedway71

    Frozen complainers are finally making headlines.

    This is just my opinion..I am sick of Frozen. Don't hate people who like it and not upset with Disney for pushing it. It does suck for a Disney fan who likes to frequent Disney parks, sites, etc who would like to see/enjoy the many other treasures that Disney offers. It is hard to do that...
  17. wedway71

    Island Supply in the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland to close next week

    My take as a retail executive with 30 years experience is this... I have no problems with outside companies coming in selling their wares... Since the inception of Disney parks it has always been done. NOW.. being said, there is a difference between a niche retailer and a store that can be...
  18. wedway71

    Island Supply in the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland to close next week

    Waiting for a deal with Wal Mart to take over all merchandise operations in Disney theme parks....j/k... I have a Birnbaums 1986 WDW guide... here were the stores in Adventureland back then... see the changes...: Traders of Timbuktu. Adventureland Kiosk. Tiki Tropic Hut. The Magic Carpet...
  19. wedway71

    Meg Crofton Retiring in 2015

    I too wonder who will replace Meg. I would think George K. would be a sure fit since he has such a diverse and long history starting at WDW.
  20. wedway71

    Peter Pan Queue

    Maybe it has been asked but.... Are the pics on the walls that close to guests??... if so, hopefully, they have about 10 of each since WDW has it's share of Schmucks who enjoy defacing Disney property.
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