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  1. wedway71

    Very Ashamed...

    I always thought of myself as a HUGE Disney fan. Being born in 71 living and going to WDW for 44 years.... I have to say... I have NEVER had a Dole Whip!! As I type this.. I hang my head in Disney shame... That is all... climbing back under my rock..
  2. wedway71

    Name the things you MUST do every time you go to WDW??

    Its been 2 years since my last trip to my fave place.... but every time we/I go to Disney there are some things I do that are simply habit-tradition-or just enjoy doing.... Selfie in front of Team Disney building. Walk in the Casting Center Building. Chocolate covered Rice Crispy treat in DTD...
  3. wedway71

    Ok... Dumb question but....

    Hi folks... its been a few years since going to WDW. Not by choice, just by work and life, etc. I do follow many Disney boards, news, FB, Linkedin, etc and see the plethora of info on Fast Pass, Magic my way, etc. I am of the thought that I love just to go to Disney and not plan too much. Just...
  4. wedway71

    And just when I thought I forgot.....

    Soo... My College aged 20 year old Daughter was eating dinner at the house( rare blessing these days)... and we were talking about taking a family trip to WDW... Then she brings up her first trip to WDW when she was 1. When we first entered MK I bought Hayley her very first Disney balloon. She...
  5. wedway71

    The WORST Feeling in the World... Disney World that is...

    At Disney World.... weather is perfect and lines are non existent. What a great day to be at my favorite place on the planet.... suddenly... in the background there is this annoying sound... its getting louder and louder and louder.... Dammit... its my alarm.. I am late for work..!!! :(
  6. wedway71

    Disney Parks Ambassadors

    So just watched the new 2014-2015 Ambassador Ceremony for WDW... Was wondering if anybody knows but while they are gone doing this gig for a year, does someone else take over their regular role and when there time is up can they come back to their old job? Was just curious....
  7. wedway71

    Best Disney memory... even though it was a bad Disney memory..

    Was just sitting around fire place trying to stay warm here in the Hoosier State. Being a Florida transplant anything below 70 is Sub Artic weather... Anyway.. remembered when I was 15 years old and a very(back then) exciting experience happened to me and 3 of my friends. All of 3 of us were...
  8. wedway71

    What is your favorite land in MK?

    I was just looking at some MK pics and was trying to think what land or area is my favorite at MK.... If I have to pic just one, I think Main Street USA. To me it has the most Disney history and is very iconic. Most of the time we rush through Main Street to get more into the parks... but...
  9. wedway71

    D Street Conveyor belt window display

    OK.. Dumb question... what is the reason or theme behind all of the Vinylmation characters all broken up and riding the belt in the window? Not all that familiar with the whole Vinylmation culture... Are these old ones that are going to their so called factory death??? Was just curious,
  10. wedway71

    GREAT!!! Now I cant take my large chested Wife to Disneyland!!!

    So... just saw on FB that a young Mom was asked to pull up her shirt at DL. She apparently showed too much of her cleavage/Tattoo.. I am always very quick to stick up for Disney, BUT did NOT see anything wrong with her attire based on the pics from the news today.
  11. wedway71

    Banned from the Shops at Walt Disney World.... by my Wife.

    So I got a directive not from Disney World leadership or Security to not enter a store, but from my Wife. Being a HUGE Disney fan AND a retail executive with 30 years of experience my DW of 23 years gets SOOOOO mad when I am in in a shop. "Why can't you just enjoy yourself???" I can't seem to...
  12. wedway71

    Epcot Food and Wine Festival- Bleh..

    Have to preface by saying I love everything Disney. My favorite park is EPCOT. Now, being said, was thinking about going back down for the Food and Wine Festival this year. This is why I am on the fence: We went last year in October. We have always wanted to go. All of the marketing and...
  13. wedway71

    Disneyland Esplanade

    I have heard a few rumors that the compass is going away to be replaced by a fountain... Not from anyone in the "know" just on internet... just curious if anyone has heard this as well.. The Compass looks pretty bad and a thought process was why replace it if the entire area is getting...
  14. wedway71

    Disney World Shopping Center

    Hi all... A little embarrassed to ask since I have not been as Gung Ho as I used to be on here due to travel for my job.... BUT Wasn't there a lot of talk in here a few years back about some tacky shopping center that Disney was going to open on the west end of their property that would have a...
  15. wedway71

    Star Traders question

    Can someone clarify what is going on which Star Traders and the Starcade? Was there some refurb or remodel that just happened? I just saw a few pics and it looked as if there was some changes going on?????
  16. wedway71

    What song??

    What non Disney song reminds you of being at Disney World every time it comes on the radio????
  17. wedway71

    The Ups and Downs

    I was just thinking today on my long business flight how we have seen and witnessed some of Disney's worst moments on the internet.... Anyone remember these not so magical times??? As I read of current issues, it is a bit comforting to think back to how it could really be... - Rumor of...
  18. wedway71

    Ever see yourself or someone you know in a Disney site pic??

    Being a huge Disney fan, I spent a good amount of time on various Disney sites. I like to look at various photos from the past and the present. Ever see yourself in someone else's photo at Disney. A few years back I was looking on some Disney fan site' photos and sure enough..there was my...
  19. wedway71

    Willy Wonka

    Ok....not to sound lame..but I wonder why Disney has never attempted to buy the rights to the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"? It was just on and I was thinking how cool it would be to have an attraction just like the factory, especially the big garden area scene. I...
  20. wedway71

    Djuan Rivers

    Hey all....I just read an article that Djuan Rivers is leaving Aulani to become VP Hotel Operations DLP... Am I on crack..but I thought he got fired while back due to the whole timeshare mishap and someone from DL leadership took over his job????
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