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  1. cdunbar

    Happy Birthday DMC-12

    :sohappy::sohappy:Happy Birthday Jer!:sohappy::sohappy: I thought perhaps you were entitled to some AWESOME gifts! I present a Delorean HD Some McFlys And of course... A roundtrip ticket to Florida so you can come hang with us this weekend! :D Happy Birthday Dude!
  2. cdunbar

    Happy Birthday Figment1986

    So I know I'm like 30 min early BUT oh well! :D I thought I should give you a few of your favorite things before you get your real gift tomorrow! Gift 1: You can never have too many DSLR's Gift 2: The "spark" that inspired it all! Gift 3: Horror! And last but not least, Gift 4: The be...
  3. cdunbar

    Happy Birthday Hack2112

    Happy Birthday Max!!!! But it is a VERY important birthday :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  4. cdunbar

    cdunbar and Figment1986 do October 1st MNSSHP

    Figment1986 and myself went to MNSSHP on Friday, Oct. 1st. We enjoyed ourselves and yes we did both dressed up. These are all his photos that I'm using just an FYI. Him as a jungle cruise person: By the way I'm very proud of this picture as I took it with Figment's very technical and fancy...
  5. cdunbar

    A VERY Warm Disneyland trip report

    I went to the DL 55 festivities, and brought along my best friend. We've lived in Florida all our lives and had never been to Disneyland, and as a lover of all things Disney I decided it was high time we visit the mother country. The planning began back in December right after Christmas, and...
  6. cdunbar

    Do Mickey and Minnie already have a new home?

    Well according to Jim Hill they do! He also discusses what will become of the barnstormer or what could become of it. It seems to be up in the air... Here's the...
  7. cdunbar

    Upon my return from the world...

    Gooood evening all! We went to WDW from Sunday, Sept.27th-Tuesday, Sept. 29th. We went primarly for food and wine but ended up spending the majority of our time in Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. We also attended MNSSHP on the night of our departure and I have a few photos from that but...
  8. cdunbar

    ________ Cook resigns Walt Disney Studios

    Richard Cook has resigned from Walt Disney Studios effective immediately. Some are saying that he fired, due to Bob Igers sudden interest in the Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Some are also saying that other individuals such a former Universal Exec might replace him. The following is...
  9. cdunbar

    Who does Kayne West think he is?!?

    OMG I just heard about Kayne West's outburst at the VMA's and NOBODY especially someone as sweet and nice to everybody as Taylor Swift deserves to lose their spotlight at a big moment like that in their career. And then Beyone is laughing! Does she not realize she is just condoning his...
  10. cdunbar

    How do I put an image as my profile background?

    So, I've been trying for a few days to figure this out so maybe I'm just overlooking something rather simple but I wanted to use an image as my profile background but I cannot seem to figure out how. Would someone be willing to tell me how to do this, please?:shrug:
  11. cdunbar

    My friend is letting her Dad control her life

    Hey guys so my friend is buying her first home, and obviously this is a big step for her. My Dad is selling her the house. She found her dream house, it had everything she wanted down to the built-ins in the dinning room. Here's the thing she's not buying it! Her Dad thinks something is wrong...
  12. cdunbar

    I need help with a vietnam paper!!!

    Hey guys, I am suppose to interview 2 vietnam vets for a paper for one of my history classes. I ran into a small snag though when one of the two I had scheduled to interview has backed out on me. So long story short, is there anyone on here who served in Vietnam and would be willing to chat...
  13. cdunbar

    Don't be surprised to find a Troy, Hannah Montana, etc. at your door on the 31st

    Well folks according to all the costume websites the disney costumes are the big sellers this year! If your kid is still looking for a costume folks are recommending Hannah Montana or a Cheetah Girl (w/e that is?) if your a girl or troy from high school musical if your a boy. Hannah Montanas...
  14. cdunbar

    Why must people be so rude...

    So I ordered several things from a store which has an online site, the order was valued at appx. $400! So I placed the order on Thursday, and as of today it hadn't shipped so I call the company and I speak to a nice lady and she informs me starting on Friday that their system went down and the...
  15. cdunbar

    Trip Report From 7/11/07-7/13/07

    Hi everyone I just returned from the world late last night and we had alot of fun! Let's get things rolling, now just so you'll know I didn't take that many pictures but the few I have that you guys would have interest in seeing I will post on here! July 11: -We left home at about 6:30 am, but...
  16. cdunbar

    Staying at the Contemporary for $1.00

    My Mom decided to surprise my best friend and I with a trip to Disney this year for my 21st birthday, but the best surprise was that the actual hotel was only going to cost us a dollar! As it turns out my parents had enough points on their business credit card to send us for 2 nights at the...
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