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  1. disneygirl76

    Trip Report Our Dumbo Flew, Mickey Sang, 1st birthday Trip Report

    Hi everyone! We are back! And I need to start by saying that i'm sorry for the delay in starting this Trip Report. To say life has been crazy since we returned from Disney is an understatement! So a bit of a spoiler alert from Day 4 of our trip. While on vacation, Niles, my wonderful DH, got an...
  2. disneygirl76

    Animal Kingdom Kunumdrum

    Hi All! So, DH and I were "tweaking" our ADR's and spreadsheet for our upcoming trip and we need some opinions. We want to eat 2 meals at AK. One at Yak and Yeti and one...well, we can't choose. We would love your help! what would you choose and why? Some back story, in the past, we have only...
  3. disneygirl76

    Trip Planning to a whole new level!

    Hi All! I am so excited and wanted to share this wonderful news with all of you! As many of you know, what I love almost as much as going to Walt Disney World, is planning a trip to Walt Disney World! So I have decided to take my love and passion for planning trips to the next level by joining...
  4. disneygirl76

    When will CRT reopen

    Hi All, I'm helping my cousin book dining for her daughters birthday. I am looking at CRT - which is what they want - and see that the site says that it is being "enhanced". And to check back when it will reopen. Does anyone have any idea when this is expected to be? Thanks!
  5. disneygirl76

    reservation with 1 year old

    Hi all, So of course I'm awake and involved in this ruckus of obtaining a BOG ADR for lunch during our upcoming trip. I wasn't paying attention, and my reservations were set to two. I was able to obtain the ADR for the date wanted but only for 2. Does Colin need to be included in the ADR...
  6. disneygirl76

    Adding flight info to an exsisting reservation

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was any way to add flight information to an existing reservation on line? Or do you just have to call? Thanks!
  7. disneygirl76

    Way to inflate pool toy?

    Hi all! Is there a place at the resort to have a beach/pool toy inflated? Thank you!!
  8. disneygirl76

    Pre-Trip The "We are finally riding Dumbo 1st birthday extravaganza" pre-trip report

    Hi Everyone! I can't believe its already time to plan this trip! It was not quite a year ago that we were heading to Disney for our gender reveal! And now, our little nugget is 8 months old! Who are the Characters this trip? Me, my DH and my DS! Where? Wilderness Lodge When? May 31...
  9. disneygirl76

    Let the 1st Birthday Trip planning begin

    Hi everyone! Our little munchkin is turning 1 in June. Hard to believe we are already thinking about this! Since I have mommy brain and have not planned a trip around a little one, I am seeking some advice to make sure i'm on the right path. We were planning on driving and decided to fly (as...
  10. disneygirl76

    anna and else and i miss you all!

    Hi everyone! Being a mommy has taken my disney planning time away! I miss you guys!! Now that the little guy is 7 months, I'm back and am starting to plan our big 1st bday trip for him! But in the mean time, my bestie is hitting the MK Thursday and Friday. She has 4 girls. And they love the...
  11. disneygirl76

    Planning babys 1st visit - Please help pick where to stay and why.

    We are planning our son's 1st visit in June 2015 and super excited! He will be 1 years old. We have never traveled with children before and know this will be a different experience. Strollers/naps/etc. We do like Deluxe Resorts and tend to stay there but we also really like Port Orleans. Also...
  12. disneygirl76

    Does anyone have for Disneyland

    Hi there, A friend is going to Disneyland on Monday June 23 and Tuesday June 24. I am just looking to see the crowd levels for those two dates for both parks. Can anyone provide me that info? Thanks so much!
  13. disneygirl76

    What are some 1st's for a child's first trip to Disney?

    Hi everyone, As I sit and wait, I can't stop myself and have started planning our little ones 1st birthday/1st trip to Disney World. We are projecting a post Memorial Day/First week of June trip in 2015. We are hoping for a stay at the Grand Floridian since we love that resort and we want a...
  14. disneygirl76

    When does pricing for 2015 come available?

    Hi all, I know you can officially book your room only reservation about 500 days prior to arrival. But they don't give you a rate yet if I understand the system correctly. You just "hold" your dates at the resort you want to stay and pay your $200 deposit. So my question, when are the rates...
  15. disneygirl76

    where to find historic room rates

    Hi all, Is there a place/website to find historic room only rates for WDW Resorts - specifically Deluxe Resorts? I'm looking at stay in Feb 2013 or 2014 to help a friend budget for 2015. Thanks!
  16. disneygirl76

    Trip Report The completely magical Babymoon and "It's a ...?" trip report

    Hi everyone, My DH and I are back from an absolutely amazing and wonderful trip to Disney World. To recap, my DH and I traveled to WDW from Feb 23 to Feb 28. We stayed at the Beach Club and had 5 day magic your way tickets with no park hopper and the dining plan. It was mostly just my DH and I...
  17. disneygirl76

    ABC of Disney book help

    Hi all, I am making, or attempting to make, an ABC board book for my little man who is arriving in June. I am using my own pictures that I have taken to compile this book and using non character images found around Disney. I am pretty much there but am stumped on a few letters. So I am turning...
  18. disneygirl76

    Trip Report The "It's a ... " Trip Report!!!!

    Hi everyone, I don't normally begin my trip reports until we return home and have all the pictures and notes. But my DH and I are thrilled to share our very exciting news. If you have been following, my DH and I have spent 10 years trying to have a little prince or princess and the past 4 years...
  19. disneygirl76


    Hi all, random question - I have never bought a balloon before. I know they have fancy light up ones. And the mylar mickey/minnie sided ones. But the clear ones with the colored mickey shape in them - how much are those? Are those the only 3 options of balloons? Thanks!
  20. disneygirl76

    If you can't ride the rides, how would you spend your day?

    Hi everyone, I'm compiling a list of things to do at Disney in 10 days. Yeah! :) If you couldn't ride the rides, how would you spend your days at the parks - all parks and any resort - but not Downtown Disney, water parks, or mini golf? Thanks!
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