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    POLL: Have you ever had to evacuate a ride at WDW?

    I've been to Disney World 6 times. On my last trip we had to evacuate the Winnie the Pooh ride. The door of our honey pot wouldn't open, and two cast members had to use all their strength to physically pry it open. We were the last group to leave and walked back through the empty ride. We got...
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    Jungle Cruise next?

    I actually like that better. It would be more inclusive to include other winter holidays. There could be decorations and food related to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in addition to the Christmas stuff.
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    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    I'm having the same problem. I moved my August 2020 package to August 2021 3 nights ago. The package is linked, but the tickets have not shown up yet. I called Disney 2 nights ago, and they said it can take up to 72 hours to transfer tickets. Did you recently buy or transfer yours? You should...
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    New Mandate Requires Audio Changes at Parks

    That's a great idea! Love Disney and how they want to do the right thing.
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    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

    I love Splash Mountain! It's my favorite ride at Disney World. I hope I can ride it one more time in its original state before it's redone.
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    Should WDW open?

    No, they shouldn't open. They just had almost 9000 new cases in one day!!! They need to get better control first. Otherwise it's just going go continue spreading to other states as people return home from their trips.
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    Disney sending emails that you have to confirm you’re coming to WDW

    We have a reservation for August 15th and were waiting to decide as it gets closer. With all the covid cases in FL now I can't say yes by July 1st. What happens if you don't answer? Or if you answer yes and change your mind later?
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    Riding a ride that broke down?

    We were riding Winnie the Pooh, and it broke down. The lights came on, and they made announcements to remain seated. Cast members came around to manually let people out of the vehicles. For some reason the door on our vehicle would not open. Two cast members had to use all their physical...
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    What kind of Disney guest are you?

    We live in MA so have to fly. We've been 3 times since 2015. We usually get to the parks just after opening and stay until 8-9. I would stay later, but we have young kids who need to get to bed.
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    Masks at WDW

    Nose. The kind I use are more intense to wear, though. KN95 and masks that filter out 99% of viruses and bacteria. That's what I would wear for more protection if i went to Disney World. Surgical masks are easier to breathe through but wouldn't offer me as much protection.
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    Masks at WDW

    I practiced wearing my mask today for several hours, and it was harder to breathe with it on. I don't think I can do it. :(
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    August vs April

    We're trying to decide if we want to rebook our trip to April (week of 4-18) or August (week of 8-15) next year. Easter is April 4th. Would April be a lot more crowded or similar to August? Would flights and hotels cost a lot more in April? It's too early to look up any rates. We would like to...
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    News Eliminating Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours - confirmed as of May 28

    With free dining being cancelled, that's the final push for me to cancel this trip. Ww think we'll take the 35% room discount and finally stay at the Wilderness Lodge next year.
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    Would you visit Walt Disney World with these health-based operational restrictions in place?

    We're sadly planning on replacing our Disney vacation by renting a house with a private beach on a lake in Northern Maine. We can drive there and interact with no one other than a rest stop and a grocery store stop. That feels a lot safer than Disney World. Normally I wouldn't consider this for...
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    My last photo from my last to send yours?

    My kids and husband on Alien Swirling Saucers. (I didn't go because I used my fastpass to ride Slinky Dog Dash.)
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    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    I wouldn't go until the threat of coronavirus is gone, and the parks are all running normally.
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    A little help needed for a 3 generation trip!

    It sounds like you're on a budget, so I'd stay at one of the value resorts. We've stayed at Pop Century and All Star Music and enjoyed them both. Both have bus transportation, but Pop also has the skyliner and usually costs a little more. We've gotten free dining (the middle plan) and loved it...
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    Stroller Suggestion

    I used the Chicco Lightway Plus when my kids were little. It is lightweight for a stroller (I believe 19 lbs), folds up and stores easily, and is easy to maneuver.
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    Worth the hype?/Unpopular Opinion

    We ate at Yachtsman Steakhouse and were unimpressed by the quality of food, the quantity of the food, and the price.
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