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  1. lissa_hulshizer

    Disney will be open on April 1st of 2020???

    People need to know that WDW themselves will update the website and that they will contact people with reservations and deuces changes and reschedule options. Don’t always believe media, call Disney Vacation Specialists.
  2. lissa_hulshizer


    I’m concerned about my trip in May and I want reassurance that Disney will be open so my hubby and I can have our honeymoon that we were finally able to do after three years?
  3. lissa_hulshizer

    Is the parks going to be open in May of this year and is there going to be screening done at the hotels.

    So are we going to have screening for the virus before people arrive at the hotels and before they are able to go to their rooms? And are you sure that they will be open in May of this year because I have a honeymoon planned and I would love not wanting to reschedule it.
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