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  1. FoxTheNerd

    Funny/Random Disney Experiences

    So, I just came back from Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party, and a lot happened. Here we go. XD - While we were in one of the shops, this lady with a stroller comes behind us. We keep walking forward, until we realize she's going really fast. We start to do a mini-run, as if to signal to...
  2. FoxTheNerd

    Disney Glitches/Malfunctions

    So, I'm extremely interested in Disney glitched and evacuations, so I have to ask, what malfunctions/evacuations have you guys experienced? Here are some of mine. (They aren't ground breaking.) Journey Into Imagination with Figment ----------------------------------------------------- * One of...
  3. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    So, as I'm typing this, I'm getting ready to leave for my last day at Disney world, and I'll be fair when I say that some of the guests are horrible. But, the ones that are the most annoying and the most attention grabbing are the parents that yell at there kids. Kid has some sort of issue...
  4. FoxTheNerd

    Old Disney Mascot Training Tapes (1970s))

    Looking at Youtube, I found a user who published A BUNCH of videos from Disney character training tapes. Here they are!
  5. FoxTheNerd


    Disney has a lot of amazing Disney mascot costumes, but back in the day, they were.... Special.... Let's look at 'em. PUMPKIN MICKEY AND MINNEY Goodness gracious! It looks like they carved a Mickey and Minnie pumpkin and put it on someones head. The best part is the dad's reaction. Just look...
  6. FoxTheNerd

    3 Disney Park Rumors - True or False

    So, Disney parks, some of the most popular in the world, have had there fair share of rumors, but which ones are false? Well, I thought I could do some research, so let's find out! (Note: Some of these rumors may put scary images in your head, but I won't actually show you these pictures.)...
  7. FoxTheNerd

    Explaining Why Stitch's Great Escape is so Scary

    So, on my last trip to Disney, I saw Stitch's great escape, and I'll be fair. It scared the crap out of me, from the dark lights to the idea that Stitch is on your seat.I think a lot of people can agree with me when I say that it's not very fun. But why? This isn't considered a horror...
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