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  1. rsm

    FoP and NRJ each three times success story

    After doing lots of research and only having one day of our trip at AK, here was our experience in Pandora. Certainly not writing this to brag or claim this is possible every day (we had a lot of luck), but writing it to perhaps ease some worries for anyone worried about their trip from the...
  2. rsm

    Bottled water at restaurants?

    Hi, We've been to Disney a handful of times, and have found that the tap water in Orlando just doesn't sit well with a couple of us. Is it possible to order/request bottled water at sit down restaurants? I feel bad even asking - we're not snobby people! haha, but it beats a stomach ache. Thanks,
  3. rsm

    Are Galaxy's Edge / Star Wars Resort "canon"?

    With Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars franchise they officially purged a chunk of the EU from canon, and have since been very diligent in coordinating all 'new' material as canon (comics, TV shows films, novels, etc). It would only make sense that the new planet being created for Galaxy's...
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