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  1. Garfield Builder

    Walt Disney World Adventure Park

    Walt Disney World Adventure at Sydney Australia Project Idea Imagineers needed Backstory: The park is a dedication to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline found in Disney Parks. The plot revolves around the visits of New Society members (visitors to the park) to world locales...
  2. Garfield Builder

    Florida DisneySea

    I got an idea for my own park Florida DisneySea. The park should have seven themed areas or "ports of call" like Tokyo DisneySea. But unlike the park in Japan the ports of call are: San Fransokyo Bay - the entrance port based on the 2014 (the year I graduated) film Big Hero 6 Native American...
  3. Garfield Builder

    Disney S.E.A.

    I got an idea for Disney Cruise themed to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline called Disney S.E.A.! It is devided into decks, or "world ports" as they are called.
  4. Garfield Builder

    Disney Project's Tower of Terror

    Tower of Terror or The Curse of The S.E.A. Tower Hotel Story: Haley Hightower, Hellen Mystic, Beth Bullion, Jane Chandler, Max Oceaneer, Jeanie Linsey, Allexa Falls, Mandy Ashley Pleasure and Carlos Falco are descendants of Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A. for short). They build...
  5. Garfield Builder

    My Disney Dream Park

  6. Garfield Builder

    Disney Project (Dream Park)

    The Disney Park of my dreams. I just need ideas for rides and Attractions.
  7. Garfield Builder

    Disneyland Carousel Folklore

    I have written a dialogue script for Disneyland Carousel Folklore. Link: The attraction is a Carousel Theater (like Carousel of Progress) only the theme of the attraction is a folklore about the "town" of...
  8. Garfield Builder

    Disneyland Carousel Folklore

    I got and Idea of an attraction called "Disneyland Carousel Folklore". Here's the description: In the first part of the program, separate auditoriums, each holding 250 people, circle into position and are carried past stages on which life-sized, three-dimensional, animated human figures move...
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