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  1. a goofy username

    Drinking around the world tips

    Hi so I'm heading down to WDW at the end of this month for what will be my first visit in about five or six years. I turned 21 a few months ago, so naturally I'm gonna try and drink around World Showcase. Any advice/warnings/etc.? I know there's a lot of options (especially in Germany), which...
  2. a goofy username

    If you could give one attraction one major update

    What attraction and what would you change/add? I'd replace the Stitch in SGE with this guy but leave the rest of the ride unchanged
  3. a goofy username

    something i've always wondered about laugh floor

    have there ever been any instances in which some goon was given the mic at monsters inc. laugh floor (or any show that involves audience participation) and took the opportunity to drop f-bombs/say r-rated things? i've never seen it happen but i imagine it does on occasion
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