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  1. gustaftp

    2019 Proxy Vote

    Just received a notification that it is time for the 2019 Proxy Vote, and I am curious how people here would vote? 1a. Election of Director: Susan E. Arnold BOARD RECOMMENDATION: FOR FOR AGAINST ABSTAIN 1b. Election of Director: Mary T. Barra BOARD RECOMMENDATION: FOR FOR AGAINST ABSTAIN...
  2. gustaftp

    Celebration sees death for 2nd time in week ...

    Celebration sees death for 2nd time in week ... Pretty bad double-blow in the same week. Sadly ironic.
  3. gustaftp

    One more reason to return to the original EPCOT Center typeface

    Netflix has a movie online right now called "Helvetica"... it's all about typefaces, and it's actually very interesting. It mentions how anything that needs to be communicated effectively is in Helvetica. It is a clean, modern design. It unifies elements of society together quite nicely...
  4. gustaftp

    Lucite found on Disney site! Check the lower right-hand corner.
  5. gustaftp

    Communicore to Innoventions - Martin's Ultimate Tribute

    I've been adding Martin's excellent tributes to my PS3 movie collection. They're great to watch whenever. However, for the past 2 weeks I've been trying to download the Communicore to Innoventions tribute videos, and sadly enough, no one seems to be sharing this one. Any generous WDW Magic...
  6. gustaftp

    Universe of Energy just became that much more dated

    I enjoy watching Jeopardy, but the past several weeks I've been unable to watch it as I've been working later hours. Today I came home early, and what do I see? A new Jeopardy set! The new set looks very clean and sophisticated, and provides a nice transition to HD - the previous set was...
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