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    Imagineering the Movies: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

    I think it is swell.
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    Walt Disney World Adventure Park

    Walt Disney World Adventure at Sydney Australia Project Idea Imagineers needed Backstory: The park is a dedication to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline found in Disney Parks. The plot revolves around the visits of New Society members (visitors to the park) to world locales...
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    S.E.A. Cinematic Universe

    If you are going to talk about a live-action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire with elements of S.E.A. storyline added to it then I should make the following changes: The film should be renamed Atlantis: S.E.A. Voyage The film should have a "Viking Prologue" like in the deleted scene the...
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    Florida DisneySea

    Maybe you should look up Carousel of Progress. In the Mickey wiki then you can try again. By the way, the show should have six stages: Stage 1- Intro and loading Stage 2 - Act 1, hosted by Kip Stage 3 - Act 2, hosted by Chip Stage 4 - Act 3, hosted by Trish Stage 5 - Act 4, hosted by Ashley...
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    Florida DisneySea

    Disneyland Carousel Folklore has four acts and the attraction's show length should be likeCarousel of Progress only long since The theme of folklore is added The stages for each act takes place a specific location: Act 1 takes place in a lot cabin strewn with 19th Century technology during...
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    Florida DisneySea

    Well I have to work on entertainment first for Fantastic River. I know! What about Disneyland Carousel Folklore, a carousel theatre attraction that is like Carousel of Progress, except it focuses on the Folklore of the areas of Disneyland, and the technology they come with. The show is narrated...
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    Florida DisneySea

    Yeah! We will call it Big Hero 6 Laser Blitz. And she need entertainment. How about Disneyland Carousel Folklore, which is like Carousel of Progress, but focuses on the folklore of the "town" of Disneyland, USA, and all the technology they come with, narrated by oldest Kip, second oldest Chip...
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    Florida DisneySea

    Okay! Let's get started with San Fransokyo Bay. We need an attraction that is base on the film set in San Fransokyo.
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    Florida DisneySea

    I got an idea for my own park Florida DisneySea. The park should have seven themed areas or "ports of call" like Tokyo DisneySea. But unlike the park in Japan the ports of call are: San Fransokyo Bay - the entrance port based on the 2014 (the year I graduated) film Big Hero 6 Native American...
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    Disney S.E.A.

    Well the theme is based on a new storyline of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, namely descendants of the original S.E.A., these being: Alexa Falls Haley Hightower Max Oceaneer Hellen Mystic Barbara Bullion Carlos Falco
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    Disney S.E.A.

    I got an idea for Disney Cruise themed to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline called Disney S.E.A.! It is devided into decks, or "world ports" as they are called.
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    Disney Project (Dream Park)

    Ghastly Manor Ghastly Manor is my version of Disney's Haunted Mansion Story In the 1940's, a man named Henry Ravenswood found Legends Park, a town located in a supernatural bamboo forest. With his wealth from America, Henry commissioned a large Gothic Revival/Renaissance Revival/Mayan Revival...
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    Glad to meet you

    Glad to meet you
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    I got an idea for my own Disney Park, Disney Project.

    I got an idea for my own Disney Park, Disney Project.
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    Disney Project's Tower of Terror

    Tower of Terror or The Curse of The S.E.A. Tower Hotel Story: Haley Hightower, Hellen Mystic, Beth Bullion, Jane Chandler, Max Oceaneer, Jeanie Linsey, Allexa Falls, Mandy Ashley Pleasure and Carlos Falco are descendants of Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A. for short). They build...
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