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    August vs April

    We're trying to decide if we want to rebook our trip to April (week of 4-18) or August (week of 8-15) next year. Easter is April 4th. Would April be a lot more crowded or similar to August? Would flights and hotels cost a lot more in April? It's too early to look up any rates. We would like to...
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    Full sized crib in Pop Century room

    Does anyone know if a full sized crib with wheels will fit in a refurbished pop century room with both beds down? Thanks!
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    Do you need fast passes for Frozen Sing Along and Indiana Jones?

    Do these shows require fast passes in mid May? We don't care where we sit as long as we're in. I'd rather use them on the rides, but I don't want my family to miss the shows they're interested in. Thanks!
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    Figaro stuff in the parks?

    Figaro is my favorite character. I know you can't meet Figaro, but is there any Figaro merchandise for adults or Figaro related attractions/decorations in the parks? There's nothing in the online Disney store. I'd really like a Figaro shirt. Thanks!
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    Question about Disney Early Morning Magic in Magic Kingdom

    We'll be going to the Magic Kingdom on Mother's Day this year, when they have the early morning breakfast and access to 7DMT, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. We won't be paying for that and are planning to arrive when the park opens at 9. I was thinking of heading right over to Peter Pan and...
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    Manual flush toilets at Disney World Parks

    My 3.5 year old is terrified of automatic flush toilets. Covering the sensor doesn't help, she is still too afraid to sit on them. Are there any manual flush toilets still in the parks, or will we have to bring her travel potty with us? Thanks!
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    Which character meal would you recommend?

    Hi, which character meal would you recommend for us if we only did one? My kids are 1 and 3 and love Mickey and friends the most. Ideally we'd like a buffet with good quality food. Hopefully not outrageously expensive since we're on the budget, but we will pay a little more if it's worth it...
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    Akershus questions

    Hi, I've tried googling and searching on this forum but can't find clear answers to my questions. Is Akershus lunch all you can eat? Could I order multiple entrees or get a refill on food? Also how will my 1 year old eat? I don't want to pay $36 for him. I know he could eat from my plate, but...
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    Having trouble adding baby to hotel reservation

    Sorry if this isn't the right board... not sure where to put this. Several weeks ago I made a reservation for my family at Coronado Springs through British Airlines with my reward points. When I was making the reservation I said I had a 1 year old, and as soon as I said that the online form...
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    Keeping kids up past bedtime to see night time attractions

    I'm curious what others have done and how it went. I've never seen the night time shows and fireworks and have always wanted to. I'll be in WDW for a week with my kids who are 1 and 3 and would love to at least see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom at night. We will have a rental car and are...
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    Play space at Hollywood Studios?

    With the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground gone, is there any kind of play space at Hollywood Studios? I'll be there with my kids who are 1 and 3, and since they'll be watching shows all day I'll need a space for them to run around and get energy out. I'm hoping there's something other than...
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