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    Walt Disney on eBay (Mouse Surplus) EBay item #7625743320
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    Epcot & MGM 7/5

    Epcot was incredibly slow, better than a lot of off season days on Tuesday. Most wait times seemed to hover 15-20 minutes. Maelstrom and Mexico were no more than 10 minutes every time I looked. Soarin' was busy, hitting an hour at one point. Mission: Space had an empty Q and was posted as 5...
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    MK & Epcot today (5/19)

    Soarin, Test Track and Splash around 40 minutes most of the day, most other attractions 20 minutes or less. Odd as there were LOTS of people milling about. Fastpass was available on almost everything up to 7pm. When did they put cameras in Spaceship Earth?
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    11/6 park update, small world inside picture

    A short update: Epcot and the Magic Kingdom were both incredibly busy today, it felt just like midsummer (but a lot nicer weather!) As mentioned in another post, the Exxon signage has come down from UOE. Nothing but carpeted wall where the inside sign once was, the exit stuff appears to have...
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    Kennedy Space Center

    Anyone have advice where to get the best price and which package to choose for the Kennedy Space Center? Thanks
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    Spaceship Earth "basement"

    Has anyone ever seen the "basement" for Spaceship Earth? There are two whole levels beneath the first ride scenes with maintenance and offices. There is even a bathroom just down and to the left of the large screen in the dark ages screen. If you notice the exit door just before that screen it...
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