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  1. ob1thx1138

    A Complicated and confusing situation. At least for me

    I am planning a trip with my sister and her son (9 at the time of travel) in September (15-21). I have an Annual Pass and Tables in Wonderland so normally I would just book room only (usually with a discount) and call it a day. However she is wanting to do the dining plan and is also interested...
  2. ob1thx1138

    FastPass+ question: Mixing the old and new

    Right now I have 3 FastPass+ selections for the morning time in Epcot. That evening we are planning on going to the Magic Kingdom. I know that we will not be able to schedule any FastPass+ for the Magic Kingdom that evening, but once we get to the park if I go up to the Fastpass machine for...
  3. ob1thx1138

    Possible answer to the holes inside the circus tents question

    I was looking at pictures of the FLE Model and noticed that the circus tents have a ridge that runs right above where the new footings are being constructed. So perhaps the footings are for new structural members that will produce the ridge. here is a picture of the model that shows the ridge.
  4. ob1thx1138

    Storybook Adventures and Fantasyland Forest magical stories

    I found the answer to this question on the live chat today to be pretty interesting. Comment From Jorge What can we expect from Belle's Cottage? Chris Beatty: Belle's Cottage will house one of our storybook adventures. This will be an opportunity for our guests to be immersed in the story of...
  5. ob1thx1138

    Dining plan question

    I am sure this has been asked before, but I cannot find the info anywhere. My wife is going to have Gastric Bypass surgery this December. Next May we are planning our next trip to WDW. On our last / first trips last summer we got the Deluxe Dining plan and loved eating at the Signature...
  6. ob1thx1138

    Some questions concerning a possible trip in May 2012

    So I am sitting here at work on the night shift a little bored and started looking at my schedule for next year trying to figure out the best time to plan a trip to WDW. First a little info, I work a rotating swing shift so I work a crazy schedule. My wife is in college getting her teaching...
  7. ob1thx1138

    Lunch with an imagineer

    My son is a senior in high school and is really into engineering. Lately he has mentioned that he is seriously considering trying to become an imagineer. So naturally being a supportive dad and Disney fan, I thought it would be great to try and book a lunch with an imagineer on an upcoming trip...
  8. ob1thx1138

    Possilble Fairy Meet and Greet Area

    I was just reading on the Fairies moving to Adventure Land and something just popped into my head. Is there any chance that he Fairy meet and greet could be moving to the bathroom area next to Peter Pan once the new bathroom in the old Skyway Station is completed. I am not sure if there is...
  9. ob1thx1138

    Which monorail resort should I choose?!?!

    We are in the very early planning stages for our second trip to WDW, our first being last summer when we stayed 8 days at Port Orleans Riverside. We loved that resort and really didn't have much to complain about, but this trip we are considering staying at one of the monorail resorts. The My...
  10. ob1thx1138

    Help ID some missing Fantasyland tents

    I was looking at the birds eye view images on Bing and noticed two tents between Ariels Grotto and Dumbo, I think one is the Scuttle snack stand but I am not sure what the other one is. Can anyone jog my memory?
  11. ob1thx1138

    Photos over the wall allowed?

    I know that we are getting a lot of great pics from Dumbo right now, but I suspect in the near future that may be going away. Are guests allowed to raise their cameras over the wall for photos, or are the cast members required to request that guests refrain from such activity?
  12. ob1thx1138

    adds causing scrolling issues

    ok I think I have figured this out. I have been having a problem with the site running really slowly when scrolling with my mouse. But just now I realized that it only occurs when the Free dining add with the little boy and Pluto is on the screen. If I scroll down past the add (to where it is...
  13. ob1thx1138

    Please help identify these DHS Props

    I was just looking through my pictures from this summer and was reminded of a debate that my son and I had following our ride on the back lot tour. He said these props were from Armageddon, I said they are from Mission to Mars. Are either of us right? I have looked everywhere for conformation...
  14. ob1thx1138

    odd situation in the parks that I would like some help with

    We were at Epcot on June 29th and rode Mission Space. While wait in the fast pass queue there was a young lady in line right behind us being very loud and acting really excited. I turned around to look at her and saw that she was wearing an orange NASA jump suit. She continued having out bursts...
  15. ob1thx1138

    Deluxe Dining plan menu restrictions

    I was just curious if there are any restrictions on what you can order on the Deluxe dining plan. For the record here are the restaurants where we will be eating: Hoop Dee Doo Review Donalds Safari Yak and Yeti 1900 Park Fare Resturant Marrakesh Coral Reef Cape May Café 50's prime...
  16. ob1thx1138

    Our first day at the Disney World....ever... does this sound feasible?

    This is a cut/paste from my planning spread sheet for our first day. Which is Sunday June 27, 2010. If you would please look it over and let me know if I am planning too much or if my times are not very feasible. The touring schedule is basically the first day of the two day touring plan from...
  17. ob1thx1138

    Opinions on the effect of the oil spill in the gulf on park attendance

    Just curious what everyone thought the effects of the oil spill are going to be on park attendance. I know that a lot of people I work with here in KY were planning on going to Panama City Beach this summer and they have almost all canceled their reservations already. Do you think the oil spill...
  18. ob1thx1138

    Air Mattress in your Room

    We are staying at POR this summer and being both pooh sized my wife and I plan on sleeping in separate beds and having one of our boys sleep on either the trundle bed or on an air mattress if the trundle bed is not large enough. My question is this: Will Mousekeeping look down on us having the...
  19. ob1thx1138

    July Fourth

    Been lurking for awhile and finally decided to post a question. My family and I are planning our first trip to Disney World this summer. We are planning on staying 8 days and 7 nights with out last night in the park being July 4th. We have a room reserved in Kissimmee that night so we are not...
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