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  1. seafoodbuffet

    Entry scanners at Magic Kingdom all down

    The entry scanners at the magic kingdom are all down and nobody is able to enter the park. I can't imagine this is due to capacity. Has this ever happened before? There's a pretty impressive queue of people waiting to get in now.
  2. seafoodbuffet

    Is something happening to TSM on 3/15?

    I just got notice that our booked FP (like 4pm) was cancelled due to a change in the operating schedule. Is there a scheduled refurb that I don't know about? Seem strange to shut down a ride at 4pm considering DHS is still open, also seems a little early to be closing for fireworks no?
  3. seafoodbuffet

    Skipper Canteen, what's the wait like to get a table?

    Since Skipper Canteen is walk-up only, I'm wondering what the wait is like to get a table? I remember before BoG took lunch reservations, you'd see people lining up right after 10am to get in for lunch. Is the skipper canteen similarly busy?
  4. seafoodbuffet

    SNL Disney meet and greet skit

    Apparently cut for time so this didn't air?
  5. seafoodbuffet

    Out of the way places to watch Wishes?

    On our last trip, we watched Wishes on the bridge from the hub to fantasyland/tomorrowland (the one leading to the teacups, etc). Unfortunately, trees obstructed many of the lower fireworks and the audio was hard to hear as there were no speakers near us. I wouldn't repeat that again. Having...
  6. seafoodbuffet

    Obscure photo id contest

    When we're in the parks, we play this game with friends where we photograph something and challenge them to name the place/attraction where the photo was taken. Crops and rotations are fair game but blatant editing and other sorts of image manipulation (adding/removing elements from the image)...
  7. seafoodbuffet

    Really late dinner res at 'Ohana

    After missing the 180 day ADR, we finally snagged a res for 'Ohana. That's good. The only reservation slot we could find for our visit week was at 9:45PM. That's bad. We might get to watch the fireworks from our dinner spot if we get a window seat. That's good. The restaurant's scheduled closing...
  8. seafoodbuffet

    A Review of Disney's Wild Africa Trek

    We recently returned from a trip in August at WDW (trip report here). We did the Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdom for the first time and it was a great experience. I’ve written a summary/review of the Trek including pictures and my thoughts on the experience. If you don’t want to read the...
  9. seafoodbuffet

    Are FP+ needed for the Frozen Sing Along?

    We don't normally go for FP+ on shows/events like this but since it's Frozen and since DHS has fewer things to do, is this becoming a greater necessity?
  10. seafoodbuffet

    System rollover time for ADR booking

    The rule is 180 days for ADR bookings if you're not staying at a Disney property. What I'm confused by is what time of day the system is supposed to roll over to each new "day". I had thought the rule was 6AM Eastern to book online and 7AM to call reservations. In fact this is what I was told by...
  11. seafoodbuffet

    Spice Road Table what's the story on the wait?

    For whatever reason, we completely skipped Morocco last time we went through Epcot and totally missed Tangierine Cafe and Spice Road Table. For next time, what's the expected wait to be seated? What would be a good time to show up? Seems like folks got to sit for Illuminations 20 minutes before...
  12. seafoodbuffet

    Linking reservations at Swan & Dolphin to MDE

    We've stayed at the Swan and Dolphin in the past but that was during the MM+ testing phase so we were only able to make same-day FP+ selections. I've heard that now guests at the S&D can make FP+ reservations 60 days ahead of time. Has anyone had experience with this? How does that work? In the...
  13. seafoodbuffet

    Dealing with heat at the parks

    We recently returned from a trip in August at WDW (trip report here ). As the trip was in mid-August, temperatures were consistently in the 90s during the day, humidity got as high as 80%. This often made the heat index in the 100s. Combined with our experience from prior trips, we developed a...
  14. seafoodbuffet

    Trip Report It's fun in the Summer Time - WDW August 2014

    Our family recently returned from a week-long trip to WDW in mid-August. Our trip included over 1100 miles of driving each way, stays at Art of Animation and Contemporary Resort, and a bunch of firsts for our family (7DMT, Wild Africa Trek, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and dinner at BoG) In...
  15. seafoodbuffet

    FP+ reservations in light being able to book additional FP+'s

    Looking for opinions for timing of FP+ reservations. When MM+ first rolled out, our strategy was to make early afternoon FP+ reservations and just go stand-by during the morning. This tended to maximize the amount of benefit the FP+ provided in terms of avoiding long lines. In light of the...
  16. seafoodbuffet

    Driving to the parks from resorts?

    I know a lot of people complain about WD Transportation buses. We've only had one instance where we waited for over 45 minutes to get a bus to MK in the middle of the afternoon on one of the busiest days of the year. Otherwise, we've never waiting more than about 15 minutes for a bus, and no...
  17. seafoodbuffet

    MagicBand for infant in our party, why?

    Just got to select magicbands and we have an infant in our party who also has a magicband to select. He doesn't have a park ticket and I sure as heck wouldn't want him opening our room or charging on his band. Has anyone else gotten that before? Do they just assign a dead band so the kiddos...
  18. seafoodbuffet

    Will the studio units at AK Villas fit an airbed?

    Contemplating staying at Animal Kingdom Villas for the first time (in a studio) but we were hoping to bring an airbed to give each occupant more space. It's not obvious from the floorplans that a studio at AKV will fit an airbed. I'm wondering if anyone has tried?
  19. seafoodbuffet

    How do they find your table at BoG?

    Ate at BoG for lunch (we didn't have MagicBands so we got a Rose). When I asked the CM who brought our food, she would only say "Magic!". Obviously the rose has some sort of rfid but those things have pretty limited range. Do their carts have some version of "warmer, warmer, colder" indicators...
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