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    Difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass

    I'm headed down there in about a month and am wondering about the degree of difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass (Note- I don't mean the Attraction Assistance Pass that works like the DAS pass). The GAP is the pass that allows unlimited entry into the rides through the Universal...
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    Looking for late sept 2018 availability

    Hi, I’m looking to possibly rent points for a stay 9/23/18-9/26/18. I’ve inquired at a couple of the resale stores and have found that the only openings are at Saratoga. I’m specifically looking for BLT or BW. I currently have a reservation at POFQ for those dates. Any leads? Thanks!
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    Trying to consolidate FP for Anna+Elsa

    HI, My 60 day window opened 2 nights ago, so I got in at 12:00 and was able to get 2 of my party of 4 within the same window (roughly 12-1p) for anna and elsa. The system put my 3rd member 2 hours after our window (so 2-3) and our 4th member 2 hours after that (4-5). I have been trying the...
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    Orlando Airport to POFQ--528/I-4 or 417/536 which is better?

    I'm heading down in 6 days and am wondering if the north route of 528 to I-4 to exit 67 is quicker or whether the south route of 417 to 536 is quicker to get to POFQ from the airport? I know the tolls on 417 are slightly higher but that doesn't bother me.
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