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    Do men NEVER stand up for women anymore??

    My husband, daughter and myself have all given up our seats to others who appear to need it more than we did. I don’t care if they are male or female. What annoys me is the number of parents who don’t even try to pick up their child and hold them do someone else can sit. It often looks more...
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    Allegiant Airlines?

    I flew them once round trip to Tampa area. It was ok. My husband won’t even consider it. Jet Blue for us.
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    Refilllable Resort Mugs

    Have the designs changed since last year?
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    Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans Riverside- January 2020

    We used to stay at Caribbean Beach frequently. That was until our first stay at Port Orleans French Quarter which is now our favorite mod. The resort is beautiful, smaller than Riverside and you can use amenities at both resorts. The boats to Disney Springs are a nice trip. No matter where you...
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    Cancel or not?

    I would go. You will be happy about some things and disappointed by others that are gone or worn. Even though it is Disney, the outside world creeps in with the diminished customer service and lack of attention to detail and cleanliness that you may be expecting. Values have changed in society...
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    Coronado Springs thoughts

    We are staying here now for the first time because it was the only place we could get due to marathon weekend. I don’t like it at all. I won’t be staying here again. I prefer Caribbean Beach or my favorite, Port Orleans French Quarter. If I could have moved resorts, I would have.
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    Is this magical or creepy?

    In November, my husband's band would not register going into Hollywood Studios. They called a CS manager to help. She had a handheld, what looked like an iPad, scanned the magic band, asked what parks we had been in earlier in the day, hit a button, and pulled up still photos of my husband...
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    We hated Walt Disney World and we're never going back.

    Disney Haters I have been to WDW several times. So many that I have become known as the "expert" at my place of employment. I frequently get questions from co-workers and one actually asked me to help plan her trip. I gave her a billion pointers, all the different message boards, websites...
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    "We only found one ride in Epcot"

    Disney Newbies I remember my first trip many years ago. I actually booked my trip on the Disney Website and paid rack rate!:hammer:Over the years, I have become the resident expert for my family and co-workers. I have come up with a bunch of helpful tips and ways to save money. Won't be going...
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    Driving Down

    Driving We drive from Watertown NY. Depending on traffic, construction and weather, it has taken us anywhere from 21 hours to 23 hours. We have left at all different times of day. What usually works best for us is to leave at about 5 pm and drive all through the night. The traffic is much...
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