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  1. FoxTheNerd

    Funny/Random Disney Experiences

    So, I just came back from Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party, and a lot happened. Here we go. XD - While we were in one of the shops, this lady with a stroller comes behind us. We keep walking forward, until we realize she's going really fast. We start to do a mini-run, as if to signal to...
  2. FoxTheNerd

    Disney Glitches/Malfunctions

    That happens often. Rest in peace B'rer Fox.
  3. FoxTheNerd

    Disney Glitches/Malfunctions

    Beautiful. Just... Yes. XD
  4. FoxTheNerd

    Disney Glitches/Malfunctions

    So, I'm extremely interested in Disney glitched and evacuations, so I have to ask, what malfunctions/evacuations have you guys experienced? Here are some of mine. (They aren't ground breaking.) Journey Into Imagination with Figment ----------------------------------------------------- * One of...
  5. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    Hey, everyone! I'm going to be deleting the thread in a bit because I think I have worded a few things wrong, and caused unnecessary drama.
  6. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    To: wdwmagic ------------------- True. There's never really anyway to know what their situation is. To: Andrew M ------------------- It's ok! ;3
  7. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    To: Jedi Stitch ------------------- Goodness no. I really don't like using the word abusive. This is more for me to find out if I'm the only one who finds it kind of repetitive. To: ninjaprincesst ----------------------- Yeah. If my kid wondered off, I would lose my living crap. Like I said...
  8. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    It was at this moment, Fox knew what he had started. To: Andrew C -------------------- What can I say? I'm a natural critique. XD To: djdan888 ------------------ Diffidently not. Having your kid walk off can be scary. However, if I were in that situation, I would have probably moves aside and...
  9. FoxTheNerd

    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    So, as I'm typing this, I'm getting ready to leave for my last day at Disney world, and I'll be fair when I say that some of the guests are horrible. But, the ones that are the most annoying and the most attention grabbing are the parents that yell at there kids. Kid has some sort of issue...
  10. FoxTheNerd

    Carousel of Progress Rooms

    Carousel of Progress basically works like this... The building is made of two circles, one with the seats, and another with the stage. While the stage is stationary, the seats will move to transition from stage to stage. The transitions, on the other hand, are simple to explain. Each...
  11. FoxTheNerd

    Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2017

    The merch looks nice! Might get some myself. ;3
  12. FoxTheNerd

    Old Disney Mascot Training Tapes (1970s))

    Looking at Youtube, I found a user who published A BUNCH of videos from Disney character training tapes. Here they are!
  13. FoxTheNerd

    Lumiere's arms

    Lumiere's face, head, and body movements are all projected, while his arms are moved by sticks.
  14. FoxTheNerd

    Cars Animatronics... HOW?

    The faces and mouths are projections! The same can be said for Buzz Lightyear and more!
  15. FoxTheNerd

    WDW Myth: Pirates of the Carribean is being haunted by George

    From what I understand, George is not real, but rather a staff member joke. Staff often made jokes about a ghost named George, and would indeed tell him goodnight. However, this was a joke, that guests heard about, I took to seriously. This is from my understanding.
  16. FoxTheNerd


    Disney has a lot of amazing Disney mascot costumes, but back in the day, they were.... Special.... Let's look at 'em. PUMPKIN MICKEY AND MINNEY Goodness gracious! It looks like they carved a Mickey and Minnie pumpkin and put it on someones head. The best part is the dad's reaction. Just look...
  17. FoxTheNerd

    Explaining Why Stitch's Great Escape is so Scary

    Thanks! I decided to join because I'm a complete park nerd. Heh.
  18. FoxTheNerd

    Explaining Why Stitch's Great Escape is so Scary

    I thought that was one of the complaints. Crap, I need to research this stuff better.
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