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  1. bektex

    Whole Resorts already booked...

    I am planning a trip in Feb, which is when we always go, but it seems whole reports are already booked, which is unusual for that time of year. Do they leave whole resorts closed, until all the cheer/pom squads have booked?
  2. bektex

    Which Port Orleans...

    We want to stay at one of the Port Orleans resorts for an upcoming trip, and never have before. Which do you recommend? Which has more recently undergone refurbishment? My two older boys will be with us, 12 and 10, but we go in Feb, so I'm not worried about which one has better pools.
  3. bektex

    Quick Service vs Disney Dining

    Does anyone else feel like you have more time when you just do Quick Service Dining, since you aren't under time crunches because of your dining reservations? My husband and I were trying to tell the difference in some of our trips, and this is the only reason that we could come up with, since...
  4. bektex

    Trying something new...

    I'm planning our next trip to Disney world, and we want to try something new. What's a cool thing you have seen, done, or eaten that you think most people don't know about, and we NEED to do? I have 3 boys: 12, 10, and 3 at time of travel, so no princess or "girly" stuff. We will obviously be...
  5. bektex

    Bachelorette Party

    I have only been to WDW as a child and with my children (4 boys). What are some adult/girl themed things we have to do on a bachelorette trip? For a little detail about our trip: We will do 3 full days in the parks, and stay on property. The bride has never been to WDW. We won’t do anything...
  6. bektex

    New member in TN.

    New member here. Just took our kids on their 3rd Disney vacation, and I think we have an addiction now. Already planning our next trip. :)
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