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    When will there be a new Disney 24hrs event?

    Dear all, I am hoping that they do another 24 hour event since it's fun staying up at Walt Disney World. Last years event was awesome. We had a blast last year and want to do it again. Last year we did 3 parks in 21 hours. This year (if they have it) I want to do all 4 parks in 24 hours. :D...
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    The Polynesian Resort Lobby Closes in March 2014 for Renovations

    Dear all, A few weeks ago, rumors began circulating that the lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Resort would be forever changed from the look it has now, one it has sported since it opened back in 1971. The huge water feature and somewhat of a mildew smell in the lobby have been staples of Walt...
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    RUMOR: Disney to charge for extra FP+ after AVATARland and StarWarsLand are built

    Dear all, A friend of mine knows someone who works at Disney's Corporate Finance area. He works at the corporate office, not at the parks. According to my source Disney wants to charge for FP+ to increase revenue, similar to what other parks are doing. He says the reason they haven't done it...
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    Fascinating 15-Minute Magic Kingdom Walkthrough

    Dear all, I would love to share an amazing walkthrough of Magic Kingdom, recorded on Feb 2, 2014 by iThemePark This makes me wanna go again! :) Missing MK already? :P - EnchantedMouse
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    WDW Myth: Pirates of the Carribean is being haunted by George

    Dear all, I would love to share some ghost story with you today. Pirates of the Carribean is one of my favourite rides in WDW & DLRP, but the one in WDW seems to be haunted.. George is generally regarded as a friendly ghost, but he has a reputation for making mischief for non-believers...
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    Your Favourite Frozen Drink in Walt Disney World?

    Dear all, What is your favourite drink in WDW? Share yours so that we can have a taste of the drink on our next trip! Mine's is: Goofy's Glaciers! It looks nice and it's a fresh treat in the hot weather! Where can I buy this? Head to Big Top Treats in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland, or...
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    New Muppets Studio/Rides coming to Hollywood Studio's?

    Dear all, I found an episode of Dateline from the 1990s outlining the expansion of the Disney-MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studio's) with **** Tracy's Crime Stoppers, the Baby Herman attraction, and the Muppet Studios. Now, there's a new Muppet Movie coming Do you think this will lead to...
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    Rare Characters in WDW

    Lol.. my English is bad: I mean Rare Characters at WDW not 'in' Sorry :) I remember being in Walt Disney World and seing Clarabell Cow in the Frontierland Hoedown She comes there often.. but seeing Meeko in Camp Mickey-Minnie is like rare.. He doesn't give meet&greets everyday...
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    Great documentary focusing on Walt Disney World

    Dear all, I would like to share a great documentary about making and engineering the most magical place on Earth! It's from the HISTORY TV show Modern Marvels and I think they did a pretty great job.. They also focus on the underground tunnels built under the Magic Kingdom, where they monitor...
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    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride opens today? (Feb 18, 2014)

    Dear all, According to Wikipedia (eng. version), the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride is opening TODAY as it's status says Operating. I kept an eye on this wiki for a while and just yesterday the status said Testing but today it's suddenly operating? Its early in the morning so I think the opening...
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