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  1. BeautyBelle

    Disney Springs Vera Bradley

    Does anyone know if the Disney Springs Vera Bradley location has Disney print face masks? If so, I'll wait to buy one. If not, I'll go ahead and order online. Thanks!
  2. BeautyBelle

    Trip Report No parks, no problem! - Completed

    I was just wondering about pools. We normally take midday breaks but since Epcot opens so late I've been thinking about swimming before going to the park so hours are good to know. Thanks! Of course, everything could change again by the time we go in October...
  3. BeautyBelle

    Pre-Trip Pandemic Shamdemic. We are going back!

    Did something in particular happen that made your wife say never again? Or just generally not her thing
  4. BeautyBelle

    October 2020- anyone hopeful?

    I'm cautiously optimistic about my October 17-24 trip rescheduled from March. But I'm trying not to get too excited. I also don't know if my mom and sister will be able to come. If they don't and my daughter and I do then it would be a little disappointing - though a trip with just my daughter...
  5. BeautyBelle

    Skip Tower of Terror video?

    I always leave my daughter with my husband so I can ride ToT which I think in part is why she's determined to go! She needs some peer pressure 😂
  6. BeautyBelle

    Skip Tower of Terror video?

    My daughter is similar to your older son. She's 8 but very sensitive and cautious. We did try bribes in September - mom win! 😂 Sadly she still hated everything that we bribed her to try - FoP and Splash but I feel like I a forgetting one. Splash was so rough on her that the entire rest of the...
  7. BeautyBelle

    Skip Tower of Terror video?

    Thanks! It's her idea to try and go on the ride again. She knows it's my favorite and so she really wants to go on it with me. Which is sweet but I also think she's putting pressure on herself to do it. :( She's been watching videos of it so maybe now that she's tried it once the second time...
  8. BeautyBelle

    Skip Tower of Terror video?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to skip the video at the beginning of ToT? I know it is possible to skip the stretching room in Haunted Mansion but I haven't heard if ToT has a similar option. My daughter wants to try the ride but our last trip the video scared her too much so she had to...
  9. BeautyBelle

    Where do you like to eat at Hollywood Studios

    Thanks! That's great to know. I saw it took reservations so I assume it switched to a sit down.
  10. BeautyBelle

    Where do you like to eat at Hollywood Studios

    I am (hopefully) going to WDW with my mom, sister, and daughter. Our March trip was rescheduled to October and I'm playing around planning our meals. My thinking is I'll only make reservations for dinner. I have all our days planned except Hollywood Studios and I'm stuck. My husband likes Brown...
  11. BeautyBelle

    Anyone changing or cancelling their trip due to Corona?

    Thanks! I'm going to have her call again. She called before March 9.
  12. BeautyBelle

    Anyone changing or cancelling their trip due to Corona?

    Did they full out refund your money, or just let you rebook with no change fee? I only ask because my mom called them on Thursday because she can't come on our trip next week. They wouldn't refund her money but they are letting her rebook by October with no fee. But if you found a better answer...
  13. BeautyBelle

    Trip Report THE ONE...(February 2020)*COMPLETE*

    She looks similar to Molly at AllEars.Net. Maybe?
  14. BeautyBelle

    Trip Report It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! *COMPLETED*

    I can't wait until my daughter is old enough that we can do an adult girls's trip. Of course I also want to stop her growing up so... in March my mom, sister, daughter and I are all going together and I can't wait! Your trip reports with Em are always so sweet.
  15. BeautyBelle

    Boardwalk to MK

    We've stayed at BW and YC a few times and I never really noticed a problem. The only time I recall waiting is after our afternoon swimming break, when Disney sends out fewer busses because there are fewer people going to the parks. But even with that wait I going to Epcot, all the way through...
  16. BeautyBelle

    Could someone explain monorail bag check?

    Thanks so much. That's very helpful to know!
  17. BeautyBelle

    Could someone explain monorail bag check?

    Well, we last went in September when there was supposed to be a hurricane and the parks were fairly empty. So comparatively, I am planning for the worst.
  18. BeautyBelle

    Could someone explain monorail bag check?

    I have tried to research this, but it seems like Disney is constantly under constructions and I cannot find a recent post on this. Thank you in advance for any advice! I am staying at the Grand Floridian in March and we will do one day at the Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot. I am trying to...
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