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  1. Axle1986

    Little Mermaid received the DCA Updates

    So no one has posted about Mermaid opening with the updated black light and other paint upgrades? Weird.
  2. Axle1986

    "I don't think the imagination pavilion works anymore." - Tony Baxter

    "I don't think the Imagination pavilion works anymore. I'm going to be forthright about that. I think the difference we had between Figment and Dreamfinder, representing knowledge and the unbridled enthusiasm of a child, was very clear to people. It spoke and it resonated. They've tried to bring...
  3. Axle1986

    Planning first time trip from Australia

    Hey people, I'm planning my very first trip to the US for May/June next year. Looking at 7 days at WDW. I'm trying to make the trip as affordable as I can, being as I'm a student in Australia. As this is going to be one of those 'once a life time' style trips, any tips on making this a...
  4. Axle1986

    Extinct Attractions DVDs

    Hi there, I dont mean to be a 'noob' but I was wondering what ever happened to the Extinct Attractions club dvds that i keep hearing about and seeing dead links to online? Im especially interested in the Haunted Mansion one, and if they have any for COP. Looks like I came to the party too...
  5. Axle1986

    Carousel of Progress animatronic changes

    Heya, I was wondering if and when significant changes to the animatronics in COP have occurred? I saw on daveland some pictures of a weird looking version of dad... but what has the timeline been for our animatronic family? Has it been the same version animatronics since moving to WDW? A...
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