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  1. P_Radden

    Updates to the Seas Pavilion

    Looks like the Sea Base Alpha aquariums are getting some work done:
  2. P_Radden

    Muller to Bring Down Podestas and Clinton Cabal?

    Some folks are talking about the possibility that Special Counsel Muller is actually now investigating the Podesta Group's ties with Manafort and Hillary. Last week Tucker reported that Manafort had been working for years as a direct tie to Russian interests to Tony Podesta. Tony Podesta...
  3. P_Radden

    Star Wars All-Inclusive "Star Ship" Resort?

    Other sites are reporting Disney may be considering an all-inclusive Star Wars resort package that could cost around $1000 for a 2-day story experience. This new resort is rumored to be modeled after a star ship and would be located near Star Wars land at Disney Hollywood Studios. Included in...
  4. P_Radden

    WDW Resort Big Plans & Projects Before the 50th

    2/22/17 Update: Great podcast interview from The Tomorrow Society featuring @lentesta Walt Disney World is in the process of many large projects in preparation for the large crowds expected leading up to 50th anniversary celebration...
  5. P_Radden

    Possilbe New Resorts in the Epcot/DHS area

    Lots of discussion going on about the possibility of new resorts being built in addition to the just announced Coronado Springs high-rise and CBR DVC. It is speculated these resorts may be located in the center of the DHS/Epcot area as seen here: Although nothing for this area seems likely at...
  6. P_Radden

    News Coronado Springs Expansion - Gran Destino Tower

    According to @lentesta on twitter, Disney may be making an announcement today regarding these plans: Looks like a new large building will be build east of the current main entrance in this area: The 3 main possibilities are: 1) New deluxe/luxury tower 2) New lobby building 3) New DVC tower
  7. P_Radden

    AKL to AK Bus Station Walking/Jogging Path?

    This has been brought up many times lately.. Has anyone heard if a walking/jogging path from AKL to AK bus terminal has any actual possibility of becoming a reality?
  8. P_Radden

    Marty Sklar at Epcot Today

    but only for a few more minuets..
  9. P_Radden

    Soundstage 4 Demo Watch Thread

    This thread will serve as a place to discuss all work associated with the demolition of Sound-stage 4 for the new entrance to Toy Story Land. @danlb_2000 Have permits been filed for this work to begin in 2017? Also can anybody say to what extent the building is being demolished? Will the entire...
  10. P_Radden

    Fate of Backlot Express?

    Has anyone heard of future plans for the Backlot Express area? With all the discussion lately on the fate of Star Tours, it's got me thinking.. If Star Tours building/ride mechanics are to be kept and eventually overlayed with a new IP, is there a chance we could see something happen to the BLE...
  11. P_Radden

    WestWorld - HBO

    This show is amazing.:jawdrop: I had no idea what to expect going into it and have been thoroughly enjoying this first season so far! The past 2 episodes (E6 and E7) were both crazy awesome. The music is on point, the acting is stellar, and the plot twists so far have been nuts! Anyone else here...
  12. P_Radden

    Possible new wdwmagic site styles or themes?

    First- gotta say, fantastic site. Fantastic forums. I personally use the "Dimmed" style for this site but I've always wanted more options for darker themes. @wdwmagic Would it be possible you guys could create some new styles with darker backgrounds all the way to black background with a light...
  13. P_Radden

    Lego Cinderella Castle!! 4000pcs Over 2' Tall :jawdrop::) Lego Cinderella Castle Set #71040 4080 pieces $350 (guesstimated cost) Gosh I want this!! EDIT: Just found the other thread on this. Mods please delete this thread
  14. P_Radden

    After WDW - Cocoa Beach, Best Resutrants?

    On our next trip to WDW we will be going over to Cocoa Beach for a few days as well. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good restaurants in the Cocoa beach area? Thanks! (mods please move if in wrong forum)
  15. P_Radden

    New DHS Area Resort? Star Wars Resort?

    Now that Disney is expanding Hollywood Studios with the new Star Wars Land and other projects, what is the possibility we will see a new Disney World hotel resort located in one of the areas marked purple below: If Star Wars Land along with the new movies prove to be a success do you think we...
  16. P_Radden

    Hulk Coaster Details Revealed

    Article here: Here is a direct link to the youtube video showing the new coaster vehicles: Looks like it will be pretty awesome!
  17. P_Radden

    4K Digital Projection Mapping Coming to Spaceship Earth?

    Palm trees have been removed near Spaceship Earth: One commenter on twitter has speculated that Disney is working on 4K projection mapping for Spaceship Earth. What do you guys think about this? Anyone have any more info?
  18. P_Radden

    Which Park to Visit on New Years Eve?

    We will be in WDW on new years, and are working on our itinerary and trying to decide where to spend New Years Eve. I'm sure all four parks will all be pack full of people, especially MK. One thought is to watch the fireworks from Poly, another thought is just to spend the evening at WS in...
  19. P_Radden

    HP's Sponsorship to Mission Space Pavilion?

    Do you guys think that with HP now split into two companies, HP and HPE, they will continue to sponsor the Mission Space pavilion? Does anyone know when the current sponsorship agreement will expire if not renewed? I personally don't much care for mission space. It was fun the first time I...
  20. P_Radden

    What's Upstairs at the Art of Disney Store in Future World?

    On our last trip, we did some shopping at the Art of Disney store in Future World, Epcot. I couldn't help but notice the roped off stair case leading second floor above the store... Whats up there? More store space? Lavish fancy offices? Wasted space, collecting dust? Stock room? It's kinda...
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