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  1. cru5h

    Mission: Space tragedy

    No, I wouldn't have brought a 4 year old there. I've been on it. It didn't make me sick or cause me to feel faint, but it was intense for me from the pressure and realizing it was a sit-down Gravitron ride (one of my least favorites at the fair). I don't think I would have bored my 4 year...
  2. cru5h

    Is there a Sonic Drive Through Near I-4 around Disney?

    OMG you get the Sonic commercials but have none in a 100 mile radius like us too huh? I always thought it looked delicious on TV and when I tried it, I was hardly impressed. Maybe I expected too much?
  3. cru5h

    Unfouruate Ride Experiances

    I've not yet had an unfortunate ride experience :D Now that I've said that you can be sure that I will LOL
  4. cru5h

    Mission: Space protein spills

    I've been on a ride when someone vomited (not Mission Space). It's as nasty as you'd expect it to be. It totally ruined the ride 'cause I had to sit there, restrained, while the man across from me vomited, watching his wife stick her bare hand against his mouth as though that would stop him...
  5. cru5h

    Is there a Sonic Drive Through Near I-4 around Disney?

    There's a Sonic on I-4 just east of the Turnpike on-ramp. That's the only way I know how to describe it since I've only been once.
  6. cru5h

    Oh my goodness! Anyone heard of DREAMLAND?

    wow...that's .... I'm speechless.
  7. cru5h

    This ever happen to you?

    I know I've been ****ed off way more times by people of average weight than overweights at Disney World. But I don't think he made this post to be an A-hole. It is a public forum. You don't have to like everything everyone has to say, and he doesn't have to like every comment either. 3 page...
  8. cru5h

    What is going on with this stupid computer of mine?!

    I'm going to guess adware or spyware is on your computer. Try going to and let it give you a quick scan to see if you've got the common ones on there. (All you have to do is click and it starts scanning right away). Then it'll tell you how to remove them. If it...
  9. cru5h

    Walkie talkies

    Same thing with us :/
  10. cru5h

    Floridians that have moved....

    *runs out screaming* I'll never leave!!! You can't make me!!! ;) ok, one day but probably not until my children are done with school. I hope some people answer, I'd be interested in finding out.
  11. cru5h

    New Guy...

    Hi! Welcome :D
  12. cru5h

    Favorite WDW Song(s)

    I love When You Wish Upon A Star song played during Wishes. I have a different version at home and it doesn't quite get to me like that one.
  13. cru5h

    Deep Fried Mars Bars Take Scotland by storm

    I just saw a link to this on Yahoo and thought it looked kind of interesting. Has anyone had this or something like it before? Personally I'm more of a Snickers kind...
  14. cru5h

    My "Retirement" Message

    Just do a system recover. You might be able to get away with not having to reinstall every program you ever put on your computer. If that doesn't work, then you'd have to do a complete reboot of the system. Then stay away from suspicious sites. Sites which drop adware like it's nobody's...
  15. cru5h

    Age of children on their 1st WDW trip

    I took my older son when he was 3 and had to drag the younger one who wasn't quite 1 year old yet. Waste of time. I mean, dont get me wrong, we had a great time but it was SO much work. I took them again at 6 and 4, that was better but still a lot of work. So I presume the next time we go...
  16. cru5h

    Coming soon: Toy Story 3, Nemo 2?

    Nemo SO does not need a sequel. And Toy Story already has one. Dear Disney, please let it go. Sincerely, me
  17. cru5h

    Narnia= WOW

    I'm dying to see this. If it's good I hope they'll continue recreating the stories for film.
  18. cru5h

    Fairy tale poll

    I definitely don't have that kind of luck.
  19. cru5h

    The Apprentice 2

    I hope he doesn't just choose Jen because they chose a man last year. I think Kelly is way more competant than she is. My answer to the final task is to reschedule. Anyone who knows polo knows you can't play in the rain and you certainly wouldn't want to watch in the rain either. If they...
  20. cru5h

    Most Annoying Cliche

    I hate the misuse of "hero" too! You know what? That makes you my hero for mentioning it :hurl:
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