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  1. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Room for 5 in Pop?

    Prior to the rfefurb you could throw a mat or air mattress on the floor. Possible to accommodate after the refurb? Right now we have two rooms for 3 adults and 2 kids.
  2. Gig 'Em Mickey

    How to Make a Payment??

    We have a trip planned and reservations made. All I want to do is make a payment. The searches I've done keep linking me to my "My Plans" page, but nowhere on that page is there an option to make a payment, or even show me what balance is due. I figured Disney, of all places, would make it...
  3. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Upgrade Body to D7100-Refurb OK?

    I currently have a d3200 two lens kit that I bought new. Someone has offered me $400 for everything. I think I'm going to take that and put it towards a D7100. Have a few questions: 1) Buffer size on D7100. I shoot raw and I can shoot 10-15 frame bursts at my son's soccer games with no...
  4. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Company Wants to Use my Photo-Watermark?

    So a company wants to use a photo I took. I don't think I'm going to ask for compensation, but I'd like to maybe have a watermark/logo on it at a corner or something. I don't know how to design anything like that. Is it something I can do in Photoshop?
  5. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Better Body or Better Glass?

    I know the general rule is better glass, but looking for as many opinions as I can get. I bought a D3200 a year ago to get my feet wet and determine if this was a hobby I wanted to pursue without breaking the bank too much. I've definitely outgrown this body and its capabilities. I've rented...
  6. Gig 'Em Mickey

    The Land Music Loop

    Is there a list of the songs on the land pavilion music loop somewhere. There's one particular song in there that I like and know that I've heard before, but I just can't seem to place it.
  7. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Best Place for Prints?

    It's rare, but occasionally I do need to print. I've tried walgreens/walmart and not been satisfied with the color, snapfish seems a little better but limited on the print sizes. What places are y'all using for prints? Also, I have some panorama's I might like to print too so need a place for...
  8. Gig 'Em Mickey

    HDR in Lightroom CC vs Photomatix

    So, I've been holding off buying Photomatix until Lightroom CC came out with the built-in HDR merge. Played with it over the weekend. I was able to still get good results, but it seems to me that photomatix is still better. Granted I'm only using the free trial, but it still seems to start...
  9. Gig 'Em Mickey

    I had planned on using Amazon prime, but they don't have everything we'd want. Got a coupon for free delivery from Anybody ever used them? THey have everything we'd want though prices are higher, just not real impressed with their website. Looking for any input...
  10. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Possible Lens(es) to Take

    I have a D3200 and 2 kit lenses 18-55 no VR and 55-200 no VR. Definitely would like to replace the 18-55, but I'm not sure with what. Thinking about renting a couple and trying them out before buying. Leaning towards the Tamron 17-50 2.8. Wanting something sharper than the kit and better in...
  11. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Unable to get FP for Anna and Elsa

    So my son and niece are really into Frozen. We were not able to get the fastpasses, disney told us we had to wait until tomorrow but they opened it up today so we weren't ready early. Anyway, we will keep checking, but I'm curious what the normal wait times have been lately.
  12. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Amazon Pantry?

    This might belong in trip planning. Curious if anyone has every used Amazon pantry to have some food, etc, sent to their resort to pick up when they got there. We are flying, and thinking it might be easier to have some snacks shipped instead of taking time out to get a cab to a grocery...
  13. Gig 'Em Mickey

    If You Only Had One Evening to Shoot?

    Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Whichever park is EMH that night? Going in December with a large group of family with little kids so I likely won't have time to really stop and do good shots. But I might have one evening where I can get out by myself. If you had the option which would you choose?
  14. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Another Newb Question- Batteries and Straps

    Question 1-in the past I've always 2-3 spare batteries for my p&s or more recently my wife's megazoom. I just bought a nikon and the nikon branded batteries are ~$70. Are off brands safe to use with the same performance? Any brands better than the others? Or should I just suck it up and buy...
  15. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Newb Question-Polarizing Filters

    Do y'all use these walking around the park in the daytime? I understand the principles of what they do and how they're used. I got one to play with, but haven't used it a whole lot. Wondering if I need to bother with it at all. I do like the reduced glare that I get with it, and I guess it...
  16. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Photo Editing Software?

    Just got my first DSLR yesterday. Curious about photo editing software. Been watching NowInc's thread on photo edits and see lightroom, photoshop, photomatix, and a couple others. Do you really need all those? If I were to pick one, which one would prove more useful? Also, I've seen the...
  17. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Old Disneyland Pics

    Ran across these on Twitter
  18. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Tripod Rec's-Concerned about Height

    I have a decent tripod that's pretty tall. Problem is it's heavy and doesn't fold down small so not very good for carry around. Been looking for travel tripods. Looking at several mefoto models but they don't seem to be very tall. Concerned about trying to photograph fireworks and not having...
  19. Gig 'Em Mickey

    New Camera plus Lens Rental?

    Think I'm going to be getting a Nikon d3200 in the next few weeks hopefully. I'm familiar with the manual controls and what they do from my previous camera, but will need to get a little experience on what different lenses will do. Not a big fan of either kit lens that comes with it (18-55mm...
  20. Gig 'Em Mickey

    Bass Fishing at WDW

    Anybody ever done one the guiding bass fishing trips? Going with extended family and considering making a guys trip one morning to go fishing. What's the cost, and did y'all have fun/catch fish?
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