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  1. ThatMouse

    Meat Plants shed light on Disney World opening (humor)

    The meat plant situation is sad, but I found some humor out of this quote from the CDC's assessment of meat plant facilities. I annotated it to fit Disney World. "Facility [Disney World] challenges included structural and operational practices that made it difficult to maintain a 6-foot...
  2. ThatMouse

    Disney Parks Advanced Reservations (Speculation)

    Disney has not announced anything, but it seems likely they will be moving to advanced reservations for park entry. Apparently Disneyland already has a system in place called Flex Pass, so Disney World could use that system. It's total speculation, but I think they should create new passes that...
  3. ThatMouse

    New line etiquette?

    I wonder if in X months when Disney opens, if they will change "please use all available space" to "please stay 6 feet behind the party ahead of you?" I'm always annoyed at people stepping on my heels and yelling at me to move up for leaving space in front of me.
  4. ThatMouse

    New HS exit results in crazy path back to Pop

    Just thought this was funny. This is the fastest way to get from HS to Pop. You will never find your way going by Disney road signs. There were no HS signs from Pop -- turn left or right out of Century Drive? I honestly don't remember how we found it. But getting back is another thing entirely. .
  5. ThatMouse

    Latest resort stay survey questions

    The survey asked which technologies we use including portable battery charger, smart home devices and VR. It also asked how we prefer to unlock our phones, if we kept bluetooth on, and what is the youngest age a child should own a smart phone (I answered under 3 lol). The survey was sent based...
  6. ThatMouse

    Do MVMCP tickets show up in MDE?

    I'm still on the fence about buying two MVMCP tickets for my wife and I in Dec, but can I do this as a surprise and not have it show up in MDE?
  7. ThatMouse

    How is resort parking billed?

    For those who have paid for parking, how is resort parking billed exactly? Do they charge per car that stays overnight? Sometimes we come over in more than one car or friends visit. I'm also asking so I can verify that we get billed correctly. On our last stay, my card got hit with the entire...
  8. ThatMouse

    Food & Wine - Disney does not want our money?

    When I think food and wine festival, I think more food and wine than you can possibly consume. Constantly being offered food and having to turn away vendors and servers. It's exactly the opposite at EPCOT. It's stand in line for 15 or 20 mins, get a small portion of something you may or may not...
  9. ThatMouse

    Tables in Wonderland phishing-like email?

    I just received an odd email about a special Tables in Wonderland event. The images attached are over-sized, as if they didn't understand how to re-size images in Photoshop properly for email. It's over 1MB. There is no phone number, no address, no department or person's name to contact. I'm...
  10. ThatMouse

    Best Spa?

    What's the best spa? We're staying at the Beach Club, but thought maybe Floridian would have a better spa?
  11. ThatMouse

    Drop off rental car at Disney?

    Are there rental car drop off locations at Disney World that will transport you to your resort after dropping off the car? I have a friend driving in, but flying out of Orlando - where I assume they can register for the Magical Express to the airport. They don't want to pay for the rental car...
  12. ThatMouse

    D23 Expo - and other rants!

    Rant 1: I got an email about a D23 Expo in Anaheim. I live in Florida close to another Disney property, so an Anaheim expo doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather just pay extra for tickets than pay money up front and HOPE a D23 event happens at WDW before my 1yr of D23 expires. Rant 2: What's...
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