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  1. BeautyBelle

    Disney Springs Vera Bradley

    Does anyone know if the Disney Springs Vera Bradley location has Disney print face masks? If so, I'll wait to buy one. If not, I'll go ahead and order online. Thanks!
  2. BeautyBelle

    Skip Tower of Terror video?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to skip the video at the beginning of ToT? I know it is possible to skip the stretching room in Haunted Mansion but I haven't heard if ToT has a similar option. My daughter wants to try the ride but our last trip the video scared her too much so she had to...
  3. BeautyBelle

    Where do you like to eat at Hollywood Studios

    I am (hopefully) going to WDW with my mom, sister, and daughter. Our March trip was rescheduled to October and I'm playing around planning our meals. My thinking is I'll only make reservations for dinner. I have all our days planned except Hollywood Studios and I'm stuck. My husband likes Brown...
  4. BeautyBelle

    Could someone explain monorail bag check?

    I have tried to research this, but it seems like Disney is constantly under constructions and I cannot find a recent post on this. Thank you in advance for any advice! I am staying at the Grand Floridian in March and we will do one day at the Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot. I am trying to...
  5. BeautyBelle

    Busses from Disney Springs

    I am going to stay at Saratoga Springs soon, and my daughter requested breakfast at Kona Cafe on our non-park day. I was thinking of doing bus to MK, then monorail or boat to the Poly. My husband suggested maybe walking over to Disney Springs and taking a bus to the Poly. But I can't find...
  6. BeautyBelle

    Resort activities

    Does someone have to stay at a particular resort to be able to do the resort activities (for example, the tie dye, make your own ears, make a charm bracelet) or can anyone participate? We'll be staying onsite but on our non-park day I was thinking of maybe checking out different resorts and...
  7. BeautyBelle

    Condo in Orlando

    We are thinking of going to Orlando in August and going to WDW, Universal, Legoland. So, we were thinking it makes more sense to rent a condo or house in Orlando rather than staying on property this trip (though it kind of breaks my heart not to be on property.) Does anyone know of good rental...
  8. BeautyBelle

    Swimming before room is ready

    We are staying at the Grand Floridian Villas in March, renting DVC points. We will get to the resort before 4 and I'd read it's very rare for DVC rooms to be ready before 4. If I go ahead and check in I can probably still swim in the pool, even if our room isn't ready, right? I assume since I'm...
  9. BeautyBelle

    Does the date on the Magical Express tag matter?

    We are flying in a few days early and there is not enough time for Disney to mail us updated luggage tags. Since we are staying at the same resort, can I just scratch out the original date on the tags and write in the actual date? I assume the most important thing is that my reservation shows...
  10. BeautyBelle

    Annual Pass/Memory Maker Clarification

    This year I will be going to WDW for enough days that with makes sense for me to buy an annual pass. My husband is only going once so it doesn't make sense to buy an AP for him. It's my understanding that as long as he and I are linked on the MDE app I can download any of his pictures (or...
  11. BeautyBelle

    Favorite off-site hotel?

    I am thinking about planning a short trip with my 8 year old in March. I had planned on just staying on site and being in the bubble the whole time. But, if Disney does not offer some sort of room discount then I'm playing around with the idea of staying off-site and maybe doing a day or two at...
  12. BeautyBelle

    Renting a boat to watch the fireworks

    My husband and I were discussing our upcoming September trip and were wondering about going out on the 7 seas lagoon to watch the fireworks one night. We were thinking of maybe doing it one of the nights MK closes early for MNSSHP. Are the only fireworks that night at 10:15? That's what it looks...
  13. BeautyBelle

    Buying alcohol near WDW

    We are thinking of taking an Uber to Wal-Mart or a grocery store near the park when we arrive. My husband would like to buy some bottles of wine to keep in the room. Does anyone know if we would have to go to a separate liquor store or if stores in the area are able to sell alcohol in-house? Thanks!
  14. BeautyBelle

    Resort switch from AOA to DVC resort?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to do the resort switch (have WDW staff transfer our luggage basically is what we are most interested in) from Art of Animation to a DVC resort? I don't know if DVC would mess up the plan. I found today that we could stay for pretty cheap one night at AoA and...
  15. BeautyBelle

    Paying off magic band with e-gift cards

    I am planning on purchasing Disney gift cards with my Target Red Card to save a bit of money for our upcoming trip. My plan is to use magic band for purchases, then occasionally ask the front desk to use my Disney gift card to pay off the balance. Has anyone used e-gift cards for this instead of...
  16. BeautyBelle

    Timing eating at Tiffins

    My family is going to WDW the last week of January. My husband would really like to eat at Tiffins, but he also wants to see River of Light. We got a fastness for RoL and he found a reservation for Tiffins at 5:50. My concern is, is it possible to eat and enjoy Tiffins and still make it to RoL...
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