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  1. disneydiva72

    Coronado Springs....this must be discussed.... my family and I stayed at Coronado about 2 weeks ago and we had a lovely time, LOVED the resort in every way and will be staying there again, I am a senior contributor on Travelwise, so as I was looking through some of the reviews on the site for Coronado....I read one that says...
  2. disneydiva72

    WIlderness Lodge having some work done Photo--->

    When you walked through the front doors there were tarps up on the right side and the photo below was of the top of the resort....I have no idea what they were doing...perhaps just some maintenance..
  3. disneydiva72

    If you have any issues w/Disney Dining....

    We just came back from a week at Disney and we had DDP for our length of stay....we went to Flame Tree BBQ at the AK Park and we KNEW we had 6 quick service credits left....we got up to the cashier and he said "you have nothing left" well after a few minutes of arguing my husband said "Forget...
  4. disneydiva72

    River Country Video from 1993

    The ending is the best where it shows what the rides use to look like but what also caught my eye was the panning of bay lake and you see the parts of the Contemporary that have been since torn down and it also shows Wilderness Lodge just being built...
  5. disneydiva72

    Dillian from Coronado Springs

    2/17, about 9 or 9:30 pm near the ranchos rooms....we had a long day at MK and then decided to go get some drinks, as we were "dragging" ourselves to the food court Dillian came buy with his charriot and white horses aka golf cart....and asked if we would like a ride to the front of the resort...
  6. disneydiva72

    Alex from Jungle Cruise

    2/17 I am going to guess the time was about 10:30am give or take an hour. We have rode JCruise many many many times and know all the jokes...but Alex REALLY did a great job throwing in the ad libbing, we laughed out loud for the first time in years on that ride. Great job Alex! Keep up the...
  7. disneydiva72

    Some of Jungle Crusie Not working

    My family and I are in Disney and today we were on the JCruise and NONE of the head hunters were moving and the big gators were "dead" but on a good note, everything on Splash Mountain was working again. I wanted to come back and add that we did Sorcerers of the kingdom, well we did SOME...
  8. disneydiva72

    Baby/kid swap

    How does this work? i have a 15 yr old that wants to ride everything, my husband and I ride everything, but my 12 yr old will not, will we be able to baby/kid swap without being on the lines twice? Its going to be awful crowded next week (we arrive thurs) and I am trying to work this out...
  9. disneydiva72

    Twittering live from Disney

    Im going to Twitter live from Disney this year, I thought it would be fun, we are going Feb. 16th - 22nd. I will try my best to capture some interesting stuff, I am never too shy to "get in there" lol So if you are interested I am: xtinaw72 on Twitter :)
  10. disneydiva72

    EPCOT question....Germany

    Do they still sell the wooden Nutcracker Solders in Germany after the holiday season?
  11. disneydiva72

    Reusable mug question

    Let me start off by saying that we have the DDP when we go so I get the mugs in our plan, so Im not trying to bring old mugs with us....ok, I just wanted put out that disclaimer as to not start THAT fight on with the show...err question..... Have they implimented that new feature...
  12. disneydiva72

    Question about WIFI @ CBR

    I know the WIFI is not free at the CBR but is it wireless? I want to bring my Ipad with us in Feb but I wasnt sure if they still worked off the ethernet cables.
  13. disneydiva72

    Incorrect hotel in countdown

    My countdown says AKL but I put in CBR...
  14. disneydiva72

    Down grading our Disney Dining Plan

    We are staying at CBR in Feb, so we qualified for the free DDP, we also qualified for the next tier up on the DDP, I know, shut up and stop complaining. Lol but we actually want the value DDP because we are not fans of having to schedule a sit down dinner every day, we would rather not be on a...
  15. disneydiva72

    Three Urban Legends about the Walt Disney World Monorail

    I had never read this before and I found it fun and interesting, maybe some of you who haven't read it before will too....enjoy. :) are more Urban Legends... Three Urban Legends about the Walt Disney World Monorail The Walt Disney World...
  16. disneydiva72

    Anyone know where I can find........

    ...and Number for Disney to praise a Reservations person? I spoke to a woman today named Cindy Lou and she was the sweetest, most helpful, kindest person I have ever spoke to in Disney Reservations. I would love to be able to speak to her Supervisor or something, she really should be recognized.
  17. disneydiva72

    How are the crowds Xmas week?

    Im in for it arent I? lol
  18. disneydiva72

    Favorite Store?

    I love the store outside of splash mountain, you actually feel like you are in a tree, it feels cozy, I love it. you?..........
  19. disneydiva72

    What do the new mugs look like?

    You know, the ones you buy to get free refills for your length of stay? My son is now collecting them...Im not sure why this is tickling his fancy but whatever! :lol: We arrive on the 23rd but he is just dying to know they look like this year....anyone have a picture?
  20. disneydiva72

    What is actually happening on Christmas day in the MK?

    Im trying to figure out what is going on in all the parks on Xmas day so I can pick the best of the bunch. :lol: Ugh sorry, I just realized I posted this in the wrong area...
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