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  1. kare5625

    Pop century

    I know pop has fridges....but are there freezers also
  2. kare5625


    I figured it out.....I had to wait till 7am
  3. kare5625


    I am trying to set up my fastpasses.....I am having trouble. On the my Disney experience app I am trying to link my tickets, so I went where it said tickets and it says that I have more days left. I have not even left yet Can anybody please help
  4. kare5625

    annual passes

    we are thinking about getting the season for the dining you just add on for the days that you are down there
  5. kare5625

    Volcano Bay

    I wonder if they are going to have only water rides.....I can not swim so I don't go on slides or anything so I wonder if it would be a waste to but a ticket or not
  6. kare5625

    annual passes

    My husband and I are getting annual passes in a couple of months. My question is does that include IOA and volcano bay.....can you add dining and express pass to the annual pass
  7. kare5625


    I am not sure if I am putting this in the right place. In a few weeks I will be starting herbalife. I am leaving for "home" on September 16th so I was wondering has anybody taken herbalife down with them....if so does anybody have any tips.
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  9. kare5625


    Ok thank you so you know when they be going on sale
  10. kare5625


    We already bought ticket for the night we are going to HHN...on the website I only see an option to buy both a park ticket and HHN there a way i can just purchase the add on ticket for 60.....I am also going to get the express pass for HHN
  11. kare5625


    My family is planning a trip to Disney for two weeks. We would like to go when the Halloween decorations are up? When do they go up
  12. kare5625

    Free dining

    I am going to Disney in october for two weeks.....I was wondering if anybody knew if they will have free dining then
  13. kare5625

    HHN 2016

    Going to Disney and universal for two weeks in much is one night for HHN.
  14. kare5625


    I have a question I am planning a vacation for November and I was wondering if anybody knew what week the free dining was for last November or if anybody knows if they will have free dining this November. Thanks in advance, karen
  15. kare5625

    cabana bay beach resort

    I have a question I know they have refillable mugs at the hotel that you can buy. Does any body know how much the cost
  16. kare5625

    water bottle

  17. kare5625

    water bottle

    I have a question. Does anybody know the policy about bringing your own water bottles in or snack. Like one of those water bottles that you clip onto a bag
  18. kare5625

    Ride vehicles

    Thank you for c the information. I can not see any of the pictures though is it because I am on my phone
  19. kare5625


    I have to admit that was pretty funny. I should have said the hours of operation for the parks in September Thanks for the laugh though
  20. kare5625

    Ride vehicles

    I was wondering if anybody had pictures of ride vehicles from universal studios and islands of adventure
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