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  1. tjkref418

    Multiple Resorts-Same Park Tickets ?

    On my 8 night trip, my wife and I wanted to stay in a different hotel (WL) than the rest of our trip (YC). I know it seems strange, but we are trying to take advantage of some discounts and the timing of YC is important to get the full benefit... My question: Is there a way that the park...
  2. tjkref418

    Welcome Package Two Times

    I am about one month away from my Disney Vacation and just received the welcome packet (with the luggage tags and coupon/package booklet) for the second time in three days. All of the information on the reservation is the same in both mailings. Is this something that has happened to anyone...
  3. tjkref418

    Boardwalk Inn

    Has anyone had the experience of staying on the club level at the Boardwalk? If so, how was it? We have a standard room at the Yacht Club, but there is a Boardwalk Club Level room is available (and it is not much more than what we are paying now). Thank you for your insight!
  4. tjkref418

    Your Favorite Adult Beverage?

    Many of the restaurants in the World seem to have unique adult beverages. What is your current favorite? If it's a mixed drink, what is it made of? My favorite is the Southern Belle at Boatwrights: Southern Comfort, Peach Shnapps, and Cranberry Juice. Very refreshing..:slurp: Thank's for...
  5. tjkref418

    2008 Dp ?

    After reading over the included restaurants for the 08 plan, I noticed that there are more than a few restaurants that were included in 2007 that are not listed for 2008. This seems particularly true for Epcot and DTD. Is this something that will amount to another drawback to the new dining...
  6. tjkref418

    2008 Dining Plan Snack Options

    Can anyone confirm if there will actually be a reduction in what will be considered a snack option under to 08 DP? I know that was the initial rumor, but there seems to be some differing opinions.
  7. tjkref418

    2008 Packages

    I have seen posted elsewhere the 2008 dining plan brocheurs. Has anyone seen/have the 2008 Premium/Platinum Plan files. I am interested to see how they compare to the deluxe dining plan... Thank you everyone. :wave:
  8. tjkref418

    Smoke Problems @ WDW?

    I have seen a lot of recent articles about heavy smoke in the Central Florida area. Can anyone local report if this is having any effect at Disney, and if we should anticpate any problems with the ride from MCO. We arrive tomorrow at 10 AM. Thanks everyone for your help!
  9. tjkref418

    Passing the time?

    I have about 50 days remaining to my first Disney trip in many years. Obviously, the time can't pass by soon enough until then. Does anyone have any tips or things they like to do, to make the remaining days go by and to get us ready for the big trip. Sometimes, those 50 days seem like...
  10. tjkref418

    Floor Plan

    Does anyone know of a site where you can look at various floorplans (showing where each room # is located and what views you would have), specifically I am looking for the YC. I know I have seen it before, of course now I can not find it...:) Thank you for your help
  11. tjkref418

    Added Restaurants to Dining Plan?

    I was just looking over the included restaurants on the Disney Dining Plan for 2007, and there seem to be more restaurants included than there were only a month ago (Especially EPCOT and Downtown Disney?) Am I just losing my mind…..:veryconfu or has there been recent additions to who is...
  12. tjkref418

    Dining Plan Snack ?

    ok very trivial but...I have heard so many amazing things about the Dole Whip snacks at WDW, is this covered as a snack under the dining plan?
  13. tjkref418

    Yacht Club Room ?

    Does anyone know if any rooms at the Yacht Club have undergone recent renovations (like at Poly or as is now going on at the WL)? I am trying to figure out what general are of the resort I should request a room. :)
  14. tjkref418

    Dining Plan Service ?

    I have been reading a lot of negative reviews and comments as to the level of service declining someone sharply for guests on the Disney Dining plan at particpating restaurants. Being on a package that includes dining next May, I was hoping to discover if anyone here can comment as to the...
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