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    Pixar Animation Studios Begins Animation on Their Untitled 2022 Film
  2. NateD1226

    Dave Filoni Rumored to Oversee ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action “Connected Universe” on Disney+
  3. NateD1226

    Disney Developing Live-Action ‘The Snow Queen’ Film
  4. NateD1226

    ‘Mulan’ Sequel Is Reportedly In Early Development
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    SAVI - Stanza V: Team S.E.A. - PortaAdventura

    PortaAdventura brainstorming/project
  6. NateD1226

    SAVI - Stanza V: Team S.E.A. - Alton Towers

    Alton Towers brainstorming/project
  7. NateD1226

    SAVI - Stanza V: Team S.E.A. - Phantasialand

    Phantasialand brainstorming/project
  8. NateD1226

    Team Yesterday: Saludos Beach

    Presents…. An update to Disneyland Brazil Main Street U.S.A. 1 - Main Street Station (Disneyland Railroad) 2 - Chamber of Commerce 3 - Town Hall 4 - 50s Prime Time Cafe - TS 5 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater - TS 6 - Club 32 - TS 7 - Gardens Plaza - QS 8 - Main Street Bakery (Starbucks) - QS 9 -...
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    Disney Animation’s Newest Film Centered A Latinx Family, "Encanto" Coming Soon

    Sounds interesting!
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    Rumor Coco attraction coming to DCA

    On the WDW side of the forums there is a new rumor that Coco is coming over to DCA/DLR in several years. It has not been green lit, but I thought we should start the discussion. Here are the quotes:
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    Live-Action ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

    Here we go again... ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb In Talks To Direct Live-Action ‘Snow White’
  12. NateD1226

    Hercules Live-Action Movie

    Not confirmed, but I wouldn't mind seeing this.
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    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Someone on Rat Chat is saying that in 2020, Soundsational will be replaced with a new parade called Magic Happens (title still being worked on). Here are some of the details: It's a day parade for Disneyland to replace Soundsational, set to open less than a year from now for 2020. The working...
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    Permits Filed for Demolition of Adventureland Sign at Disneyland Park (Will be Rebuilt)

    Disney – Adventureland – Demo existing marquee and install new with footings and sign. Edit: There are threads that talk about this. Oh well...
  15. NateD1226

    The Disney Live Action Remake Thread!

    It seems like a lot of people have much to say about all the Disney live action movies/remakes. Since we shouldn't go off topic in other threads, we can discuss in this thread. This is NOT a place to post news about a live action movie. The news can go into its DEDICATED thread! Let's get...
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    Fantasyland Imagination

    Code Name: Cinderella's Juice Box Day 1 7:49 PM PST March 27th, 2019 As I am typing this, imagination is flowing through my head for a ride that will make Disneyland Resort even more magical. The question is, what might a ride that I make stand out from others? As I have only been doing this...
  17. NateD1226

    Unpopular Opinions: DLR Edition

    Here are mine: -Goofy's Sky School is a decent ride -The Little Mermaid ride is awful in every way -Mickey and the Magical Map is a great show -Mickey's Mix Magic is actually not bad -Snow White is a fun ride -Dole Whips are not worth standing in a 20 minute line. -Jungle Cruise is boring...
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    Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    I can't wait to see this flop since nobody asked for this movie lmao.
  19. NateD1226

    Things that need fixing at DLR/DCA

    I am just going to leave this picture here and let you all answer seriously and humorously. ;) Credit to @dlnt on Twitter
  20. NateD1226

    What should happen to Winnie the Pooh?

    I would love to see Pooh get upgrades, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it go. What do y’all think??
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