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  1. Demeter Tess

    Disney-Inspired Purse Charms & Keychains

    Hi everyone! I recently opened a store on Etsy called Elle & Charming. We specialize in "quotable" purse charms and keychains, inspired by some of my favourite characters. Our current collection features 17 elegant Disney-inspired designs! Each charm is made-to-order and features customizable...
  2. Demeter Tess

    Advice on "Whirlwind Tour" of WDW Resorts?

    Each time we visit Orlando, my mother and I like to take a day to tour a few of the WDW resorts, enjoy the varying atmospheres, snap photos, and have lunch at a restaurant we wouldn't normally get to experience. (We stay with my grandparents in Winter Springs, so our WDW visits are limited to...
  3. Demeter Tess

    Long Overdue Greetings!

    Hi there! I've been lurking for some time now, but thought I might formally introduce myself. I've posted on many forums before, but what really drew me to WDWMagic was the "one big family" feel and the member-to-member interaction. I hope I can find my place in this little community! My...
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