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  1. Hula Baloo

    Pre-Trip The "I hope this trip happens but who knows because of coronavirus" trip

    Hoping you will make it! Looking forward to your trip report! Had to cancel my Disneyland trip for March 23 and looking like my April 30th trip to WDW will be canceled too. Glad I have a November trip planned. Staying at Boardwalk after reading one of your previous trip reports.
  2. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!

    Wow you’re better than me. I’m a wimp when I get one. I’ve noticed mine are triggered by not drinking enough water.
  3. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!

    How were you able to function with a migraine? Any time I've had one, I had an aura that affected my vision and then I'm throwing up as well. I can't even leave the house when I have one.
  4. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report THE ONE...(February 2020)*COMPLETE*

    I was thinking the same thing
  5. Hula Baloo

    Dinoland Replacement Poll

    I don't want Dinoland replaced. I just want it updated without the circus area.
  6. Hula Baloo

    Birthday Trip September/October 2020

    Do not get the dining plan and use the smaller stroller
  7. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report *COMPLETE* Remind Me Again Why We Agreed To Do This...Our runDisney 2020 Trip Report

    I agree about the lobby at Riviera, it's too small. Unfortunately, I think that's how Disney is now going to construct the new hotels. I much prefer the grand lobbies of Wilderness Lodge, Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Poly, etc.
  8. Hula Baloo

    News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion

    Did they expand the restaurant into the arcade? Or is the restaurant the same size as before?
  9. Hula Baloo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    I will be there tomorrow!
  10. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** Run or Fun?: Our Wine and Dine Trip

    The turkey pot pie looks amazing
  11. Hula Baloo

    Disney+ @ Parks & Rollout

    App was working on cell phone just fine, but it keeps crashing on my Sony TV which is only a couple of years old.
  12. Hula Baloo

    News Holiday decor and entertainment to expand to all lands at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2019

    I'm loving all the Holiday Decor this year. The more the better in my opinion.
  13. Hula Baloo

    Wilderness Lodge Adding Gingerbread Log Cabin for 2019

    Yay! At least I will have that to see.
  14. Hula Baloo

    Wilderness Lodge Adding Gingerbread Log Cabin for 2019

    Dangit, looks like I'll miss it by one week. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully the new gingerbread house will be complete or near complete when we get there.
  15. Hula Baloo

    Is this the new standard and am I the only one who sees it?

    I don't have an issue with a CM yawning. I understand that you see it as her being bored, but yawning is a mostly involuntary reaction and she probably couldn't control it in that moment.
  16. Hula Baloo

    Wilderness Lodge Adding Gingerbread Log Cabin for 2019

    Has the tree been put up in the lobby? If not, anyone know about when that usually happens? I will be there later this week.
  17. Hula Baloo

    Old Ladies & Minnie Ears

    Your friend should wear them, they look good on everyone! No age limit.
  18. Hula Baloo

    What the heck is Dinoland U.S.A?

    The first time I saw Dinoland I was really confused as well. I liked the Dinosaur ride, but didn't understand the carnival theme. Australia sounds cool, but I think South America would be a good option as well. However, I would want one of these to be a whole new land instead of replacing...
  19. Hula Baloo

    Trip Report Observations from a solo trip to Port Orleans Riverside

    They no longer have build your own pasta at Riverside?? I loved that station when we stayed in December 2016! So sad it's no longer an option if we end up staying there again in the future.
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