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  1. mkt

    Can't Wear a Facemask at UO? You can wear a face shield.

    Via Effective tomorrow (Thursday, June 25), Guests who have a disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering must speak to a Guest Services Coordinator who will inform them of the alternate accommodation, which is to wear a face shield during their visit. A white...
  2. mkt

    The effect of J-1 visa issuance suspension and World Showcase CM's

    Just my curiosity, but since the Trump administration has suspended issuance of J-1 visas, which are one of the two main kinds of visas issued to World Showcase CM's (the other being Q-1), I'm curious what kind of long-term effect this may have on the parks - specifically Epcot - returning to a...
  3. mkt

    Great-grandmother arrested for having CBD oil at Walt Disney World

    Via Inside the Magic This is ridiculous... it's legal on a federal level, decriminalized in Orange County, and easily obtainable across the state. The OCSO and Disney Security overstepped their bounds.
  4. mkt

    Brightline making plans to stop at Walt Disney World As a resident of South Florida, I can't wait for this to happen. This will make more regular visits to WDW a reality, and by eliminating the need to drive, it could even make day trips a possibility.
  5. mkt

    New car time

    So, back stories. I have ankle problems. More with my left than right ankle.. They're hereditary, and no amount of physical therapy or exercise will make them go away. I still walk, I still exercise, and I have mostly good days. This means that on a bad commute, I end up limping into my...
  6. mkt

    DIY vs Dealer vs Independent Mechanic (a story about last weekend's trip to WDW)

    Just some food for though... on our last drive up to WDW, we experienced car trouble on our beater CR-V. It's an 03 CR-V with 123k miles (we bought it at 118k miles) that we picked up for $2500 in June, and have been using it for errands around town when we've needed a larger car, and for road...
  7. mkt

    Heads up to Sunpass Users - Check Your Statements!

    This is an FYI, since I know there are many regular visitors who own their own Sunpass transponders to use when in WDW. The state has privatized parts of Sunpass and they went with the worst possible company: Conduent. They have a bad reputation when other states have privatized their toll...
  8. mkt

    When Working in Disney World Means Being Stuck Living in a Cheap Motel

    So sad :(
  9. mkt

    Mickey and MINI 2017

    Registration is up! This year it's Oct 13-15. Unfortunately, it won't be held on Disney property this year - rather at the Hilton Garden Inn by Sea World. For more info,
  10. mkt

    3 park, one-day trip logistics

    I was gifted a pair of one-day park hoppers from a friend, so my fiancee and I plan on using them next week. Our plan is drive to AK in the morning, and in the early afternoon, drive onward to Epcot. That's pretty straightforward Here's where it gets tricky: Epcot closes at 9:30, and we plan...
  11. mkt

    Reddit AMA - Disney Character

    In case any of you have questions, this is happening right now:
  12. mkt

    The Grand Tour

    Who's seen it? Let's discuss here. I'll start: It was awesometacular!
  13. mkt

    What would it cost to eat everything at Epcot food fest?

    If you ordered one of every solid food item offered at the 2016 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, the total would come to $450.37. If you wanted every beverage as well, add $823.96. All together, you’re looking at a grand total of $1,274.33 and one big belly ache/hangover combo...
  14. mkt

    Will you get rehired? Probably not - my story

    I was termed in 2003. I - as a character performer - was attacked by a guest, defended myself, and the guest complained. A few CM's that didn't like me wrote out false witness statements, Disney sided with the guest, never reviewed surveillance camera footage ("it's not used for those...
  15. mkt

    Mickey and MINI 2016

    Dates have been announced! October 21-23, 2016
  16. mkt

    Beating no rehire

    I know that it used to be a matter of applying for any role in casting, and then going through a rehire panel. What's the current process? Or is it now no-rehire = no-rehire forever?
  17. mkt

    Another rehire thread.

    Here's mine. I was a CM. Then 12 and a half years ago I got termed, with no rehire. Situation was - a guest attacked me, and I defended myself. They complained, and I got termed. This seems like something that Disney would have already purged from its systems. What are the odds that they'll...
  18. mkt

    Guest banned from WDW for meth lab joke.

    I can't even fathom this happening. Disney is majorly in the wrong on this one - major overreaction.
  19. mkt

    Mickey and MINI 2015

    I know there are a few other MINI drivers here, if anyone is interested - it's an annual event, and it's held on Disney property. This year it's from Sep 25-27
  20. mkt

    The Weird World Of Exotic Car Junk Yards

    From Jalopnik
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