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  1. timoteo

    Merchandise is not good

    Just got back from WDW and now after 15 trips to WDW and 3 trips to Disneyland, we can say with certainty that the general merchandise for sale at Disneyland is about 4 notches above any store on the WDW property on a 10 notch scale. The stuff at WDW is really on the crappy side, even at the...
  2. timoteo

    Shoe tree off River country

    Was just at WDW. Rented a couple of sea racers. Went into Bay Lake and just 1000 feet or so north east of the closed river country is a cyprus type tree just 10' or so off shore covered in pairs of shoes. There must be hundreds of shoes dangling there. Does anyone know what the significance of...
  3. timoteo

    The princess suite inside MK

    What is the information on this "princess" hotel suite inside the magic kingdom. Is there an exclusive hotel room set-up inside the kingdom, castle, what's the deal? Just heard about it yesterday on America's Funniest videos? Is this old news?
  4. timoteo

    500 years from now.

    Do you think 500 or 1000 years from now more advanced humans will place an underwater marker where Disneyworld once stood for curious historians to visit? Do you think there will be some remnents of structure or just a marker? Or maybe it will linger on all run down like coney island for a while...
  5. timoteo

    Do you ever?

    the bathroom "transporter" worked. I am sick. Help me.
  6. timoteo

    Add Spain and Spanish culture somewhere

    I would like to see Disney add Spain to Epcot, or a Spanish theme hotel, or something to recognize the Spanish contributions to history.
  7. timoteo

    Good and Bad from 10/21-10/28

  8. timoteo

    Calling Beach Club Know it alls

    Is there anything special, secret or overlooked that I should notice or take advantage of at the Beach club Resort when I go in October? Thanks to you all!
  9. timoteo

    What is that smell

    What is and how do they generate that smell in Its tough to be a bug? Anyone. And I know all about the old Horizons orange generator and saw the pictures. But what about the stink bomb?
  10. timoteo

    How does Arial Transform

    I Voyage of the little mermaid at MGM. Does anyone know how arial transforms so quickly in a flash. Is there an old magic trick involved. I want diagrams:lol:
  11. timoteo

    Does anyone remember this song?

    "Where in the world can you go to have fun and enjoy the day...hay. Where in the world is there laughter in a smile- where in the world are your childhood dreams you've dreamed your whole life long. where can the older folks and the younger folks together share a happy time- Walt Disney World...
  12. timoteo

    Raise the Prices and lower prices

    One day Adult tickets should be $70 dollars. Kids 15 and under should be $25. Kids 5 and under should be $15. Kids 2 and under should free. Adults, adult couples and familys with no children should be funding the clean up of the parks. For every child ticket cash back $5. It should be figured...
  13. timoteo

    If WDW would let you work?....

    I know this may seem odd but, If wdw offered guests a chance to work for one day as part of a "Guest intern program" during their vacation doing some of the more "fun" jobs would.... A. How many takers per day would they get? You would be using a vacation day and paying to work. B. What...
  14. timoteo

    Where would YOU have an apartment?

    Where in WDW would you keep a small apartment for your exclusive use? If you could that is.
  15. timoteo

    Have you worked for Disney

    I was hoping to chat with others who have worked for Disney. I had the opportunity to work for Facilities Asset Management at WDW as a interior design consultant. I was hoping to speak to people who know what it is like to work there.
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