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  1. mousehockey37

    Canvas work

    Anyone have a good place to get pictures put on canvas that are reasonable in price?
  2. mousehockey37

    Monorail Playset

    So after just being at WDW, I couldn't help but notice that the monorail playsets are no longer being sold. The last few years have been orange and blue stripes, but now in the shops, all they have is the train set. It's a bummer because I was hoping to expand my collection, but when they were...
  3. mousehockey37

    Apparently Katiebug went to Hersheypark

    So it's probably not Katiebug, but it's good to know that things happen other places than Disney and people get sue happy over them.
  4. mousehockey37

    MCO Gunman

    Apparently there was an active gunman at MCO that was just apprehended.
  5. mousehockey37

    Celebrities in the parks...

    So there's a thread of what celebs you've seen, but I'm putting a spin on it. So you see a celebrity in the parks, maybe even have a convo in line with them while waiting for a ride. How do you handle it? For instance, we rode the monorail with Katie Holmes in January. I didn't know it was...
  6. mousehockey37

    S/O Overheard at WDW

    I'm gonna do a spin-off of @Earl Sweatpants and cater this one to WDW. What are some of the outrageous things you've overheard while at WDW? I'll go first! Mom at Kidani bus stop (talking to her husband with 2 little kids) - We've been here for half an hour, we were the first ones here, we're...
  7. mousehockey37

    Hurricane Matthew and JetBlue

    If you're down in WDW or Florida and have a flight on JetBlue booked for later this week, they've put up a travel alert for a SouthEast Fee Waiver to help with moving your flights... Hopefully this helps.
  8. mousehockey37

    Deals and discounts

    I don't think there is a thread for this here, so I'll start one. The purpose of this thread should be clear by the title - a central location where we can share deals that we come across. I don't currently know of any but let's help each other out in our quest for great gear at prices we can...
  9. mousehockey37

    Caring for your souvenirs

    I found this article trending on Facebook and thought it was relevant to those visiting now and in the future. I always send souvenirs home separate from my trip belongings...
  10. mousehockey37

    Have you ever....

    donated or been asked to donate photos that you've taken for an event? If so, how did you do it and what's the process like? I've had some interest in some of my photography that people think would be great use for at a silent auction for a charity event. I'm new to all of this, so of course...
  11. mousehockey37

    External Hard Drives

    So as my pictures are amassing on my laptop, the room to keep them there is dwindling. I'm looking for some help in the world of external hard drives. Anyone have any experience and/or advice? Also, English preferred to tech talk, lol... it'll just make things easier for all of us later...
  12. mousehockey37

    ND Filters

    I was searching around on Adorama the other day and stumbled onto a sale!!! They've got all different types of ND Filters on sale, up to half off... I got myself one, but I figured I'd let everyone else know about it too!!!! It's not often you can get good ND filters on sale, let alone 1/2 off...
  13. mousehockey37

    Live365 frustration

    I hope I'm not the only one that's a free listener on Live365 that's getting super annoyed recently. It's nice being able to listen to the different channels of Disney "in-park" audio, and I understand that Live365 has to do the royalties and such, so they have ads and upgrade commercials...
  14. mousehockey37

    When will Disney finally...

    use Lady Gaga as one of their female singing voices? She's got the talent to cover many different genres of music and she's real. Not this autotune, lip-sync stuff we see so much of anymore. She'd be a perfect voice for a singing role in an animated film or even as someone to look to in a...
  15. mousehockey37

    Kilimanjaro Safari Question

    When you're going through the safari, what are the chains for that you cross over? Is it some sort of timing device to keep the vehicles separated?
  16. mousehockey37

    Jack and Sally at MVMCP

    I don't know if this is out there yet, but: Per Kenny the Pirate's site. Jack Skellington and Sally will be meeting at MVMCP in Storybook Circus. Something's up.... Princes with princesses, now Jack and Sally are going to be at the Christmas Party... I'm smelling a Frozen Dessert Party...
  17. mousehockey37

    Disney Disappointments

    Sitting here conversing with my DGF, we were talking about the food at Disney and saw an older picture of something you could get at the Main St. Bakery. With the renovations, that particular food item is no longer offered and it led me to posting this question: What is one of the biggest...
  18. mousehockey37

    Toy Monorail Colors?

    I'll be down in about a month and am looking at getting one of the monorails playsets. Anyone who has been there recently know what the 2 colors are that they have out for sale this year?
  19. mousehockey37

    Something you don't see everyday...

    As I was going through the headlines, an article came up about a local auction and the things in it... It's worth the look!
  20. mousehockey37

    Toy Monorails

    I've been checking the site for awhile now and it seems since about Christmas that the monorail train set for WDW is no longer on the site. They still sell the DL monorail and the actual train set, but not the WDW monorail set. Anyone know why?
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